shoulder straps on speedy?

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  1. So I called to see if they sell shoulder straps for my Speedy 30 today, and found out that they come in cowhide or canvas. Does anyone know what the differences are and how much it is in terms of price? Thanks.
  2. You called LV? The cowhide one is the same thing that is on the handles. I´ve never seen a canvas strap on a speedy.
  3. Yeah :confused1:

    What's the canvas strap look like? :confused1:
  4. Once you get the shoulder strap for the Speedy, could you post a pic? :confused1:
  5. Yeah, the SA told me that they come in canvas and cowhide. Have no idea what she meant by that. She did mention that one has a wider strap?? Still clueless..I hope someone can help me.
  6. There are pictures of both straps on
    The Mono canvas strap is a really thin strip of canvas, showing two of the Mono symbols, with some holes (to adjust the length I guess) and a shoulder protection pad. Nothing special, it looks a little flimsy to be honest.
  7. I only see the cowhide one:confused1: Where is the mono strap?
  8. the strap for the speedy can be used on the alma as well, i have seen people using it on the small pochette. i have it, and it is just a thin cowhide strap, no holes, just 2 buckles, the strap can't be adjusted.
  9. Here it is, it's not in the bag section, but in the luggage section.
  10. How would you attach it to the speedy? By clipping it to the brass loops that the handles are attached to?
  11. Thanks:flowers: I just looked at the straps section on the citybags.
  12. i think speedy looks better without shoulder strap but if u really like it, go for the cowhide.....the canvas would be too much monogram i think :smile:
  13. :yes:
    was thinking the same thing...... speedy is really meant to be a handheld bag, but if you really like it, go for it.
  14. I've seen people do it...they attach it to the metal hook thingies that the handles are attached to. The people I've seen do it...hook one side of the strap on one side of the bag and the other side of the strap on the other side of the bag. IMHO I didn't think it looked really good.
  15. Thanks for sharing!!!! I was thinking about getting it coz sometime I have to carry many bags/things/kids and I need put to my bag on my shoulder((I wish the speedy has a should strap like MJ stam bag))

    I know the bag mend to be a handheld bag but sometime I wish I could put it on my shoulder when I need more hands.