Shoulder Straps for Speedy?

  1. How many of you carry your Speedy with a shoulder strap?
    I really love the look of the Speedy but am worried that it will annoy me that I cant throw it on my shoulder if need be. I have been looking at the Popincourt Haut as another option. Does anyone have both or tried them both out in the store? I cannot buy my first LV until mid summer so I have plenty of time to think about it, but i need to get it right because I can only afford one......this year;)
  2. :wacko: I bought one for my speedy 25 and I did love it....then I thought it looked stupid. I guess the fact that the speedy didnt have the proper hardware to accomodate a strap....I returned it. Thats why Im crazybaglady because I dont know what the heck I want to do...:nuts:
  3. Aww you returned it?! I saw your photo in the other thread and I thought it looked good. Did the hardware just not work out? Im wondering if the straps, sharing the handle hardware might mess up the Vanchetta on the handles.
  4. I think it looks better with the Alma than the Speedy unless maybe it's a Speedy 25 cause it won't look to bulgy.
  5. I did think it looked good to and really liked it. When I bought it, the SA said this is the one that goes with the I was sold. then I got an email from LV and they said that a speedy is not to be worn with a strap as it can damage the bag because it does not have the proper hardware to accomodate it like the alma...I think wearing the speedy during the summer without a coat will be a big help.
  6. I have a lot of bags that are worn on the shoulder and I love them all!(incl. a Besace Mary Kate LV, which is worn across the body) I think the Speedy is lovely for a change of pace. It's very feminine to use a handbag and I like knowing I can switch to that look with my new Speedy!
  7. actually, the speedy does not have the correct hardware as it was pointed out to me via email from LV. I didnt want to mess up the bag so I returned the strap and just use the speedy for certain times when it wont drive me nuts not to have a shoulder strap.