Shoulder straps -- drop length question

  1. Which bag has the longest strap length? I am looking for a comfy shoulder bag...

    Batignolles Horizontal
    Popincourt Haut
    Cabas Piano

    Popincourt Haut has an 8"-10" drop, according to elux. And the Cabas Piano has an 8" drop.

    What is the drop length for the BH? Which bag would be the most comfy shoulder bag?

  2. I have the Cabas Piano and the BH. The BH is comfier for me. I am not sure of the drop on the straps on the BH but they fit very well over heavy sweaters, coats, even puffy ones! Go to the store and try them out! The BH is my most practical and comfortable bag!
  3. With the current roster of bags, i.e. Neverfull, Montorgueil, etc.... which bag/s now have the longest straps?

    I prefer a really good "swing" to my straps. I'm leaning towards Batignolles Horizontal, is there a bag with longer straps than this one?
  4. I have a BH but I am not sure of the lenght but it is super comfy
  5. I have the PH and love it. You can lengthen or shorten the straps as you wish, hence the 8-10" drop. I currently have it set to the lowest hole, which means it's at it's longest since I too like a swingy shoulder bag. Especially one that doesn't rest right under my armpit! So far no complaints here!
  6. The BH strap drop length is slightly longer than the Cabas Piano.
  7. i was gonna write...... then i saw how old this thread is and she already has BH!! LOL