Shoulder strap...

  1. Hello

    I am afraid I have another question for you, if you bother:smile:

    You know that extra bit on the shoulder strap to sort of stregthen the strap and soften it on your shoulder... Those openings where the strap goes through it... Have any of yours started to split a bit in the layers of leather, if you know what I mean? It is like there is a coating along all edges to make sure they do not split, but on mine, in those holes for the strap, they have parted a bit. I want to take it back either way to ask them, but it would be nice to know whether this does happen? Just if SA will tell me, that it is just the wear and tear of it, I will know whether that is right or not?

    Thank you... Hope I will soon know enough to help some of you :smile:

  2. how long have you had your bag? i almost exclusively use the shoulder straps on mine and have not had this problem.
  3. Only for about 4 weeks. My Camel First is the one "doing it" and the leather does seem a bit drier on that bit, but still... My dark green City has now been thoroughly inspected, as I still have not used it and maaaayyybe the same thing could happen to that one. I don't know if I am being too worried over nothing, but if I rub it just a bit on the side that does not touch your shoulder, it feels loose around those holes as well...

    Hmmm... :sad:
  4. 4 weeks doesn't sound like a very long time...for a bag that (after tax) is over $1000, it should not be fraying or falling apart.

    I would definitely take it in and ask.