Shoulder strap, yes or no?

  1. I am the proud owner of a gorgeous caramel Box B-bag. Most of the time, I see people photographed carrying their bbag by the handles but the shoulder strap is always attached and dangling below. I know that I will never, ever use the shoulder strap so I took mine off. But now I am wondering if that is some kind of fashion faux pas, since most celebs I see have their shoulder straps attached. Thoughts? Thanks!
  2. I happen to be a no shoulder strap kind of girl. It just really isnt apealing to me. I am really comfy carrying it in my hand or just placing the 2 handles on my shoulder that way.
  3. I leave mine on, but because I occasionally USE it. So if you know you won't use it, I think you can leave it off. One less thing to get tangled up in your stuff. And if you *might* use it, you can always throw it inside the bag just in case.
  4. I like it with the strap off! Do whatever you feel comfortable with!
  5. i keep mine on, b/c sometimes if i need my hands to be free i throw it over my shoulder...
  6. ^ Same here, I keep mine on just in case...
  7. I keep mine on cos I actually use it sometimes, but if you don't use then by all means leave it at home. Its totally your choice.:biggrin:
  8. I agree- do whatever you are comfortable doing! I keep mine on because I actually use it - especially when I am with my baby. But there is no faux pas in using the bag as you see fit! Enjoy it!
  9. I mostly carry my City by the handles, but I keep the strap on it for those times when I need my hands free (just toss it on my shoulder vs. sitting it down somewhere). I also think it looks cute with the strap hanging from it. I also tuck the ends of my zipper inside of the bag at each end.
  10. I keep mine on because I use it sometimes.
  11. i also keep mine on, but i don't use it. if it bothers you, just leave it off. i think the bags look fine with it off.
  12. I think it looks cool dangling, but B bags aren;t really shoulder bags unless you have the hobo. I do use my shoulder strap in emergencies though.
  13. i keep the straps on.. i use it now and then on my twiggy cuz i put so much in there it gets heavy... gives my hands a break :smile:
  14. i leave mind one cause sometimes i use it when i get lazy or tired from toting my first makes me feel that i have a hobo bag it's like a dual function kind of bag..
  15. I use mine every now and then, so I keep it on. But if you don't like it, take it off. It's up to you - and the bag looks cute without it, too.