shoulder strap slipping off solutions??? help

  1. I have a couple of bags I love, but when I try to wear them I end up changing bags that same day and going back to the ones that stay put and then neglecting these nice bags that slip off for a while. They are the ones that are so aggravating and just will not stay put on my shoulder and I have to constantly adjust them. Some have one strap and some have two handles.
    Do any of you have a solution that works and either does not show or looks nice if it does show to the problem of some of my purses slipping off of the shoulder. I was thinking of using a couple of inches of mole skin taped to the underside of the one strap bags, have not tried it yet, but was wondering if there is anything out there for this problem with some of my bags. Maybe a neoprene or rubber or suede strip with a bit of Velcro that could adjust...or something. Mabye a clear rubberish pad that the straps could slip through? Has anything like that been invented? Does a solution exist?
    Also, is this a common problem, or just me? :smile:
  2. LOL! Yes, it's a very common problem and what I do and many others here is on some bags with a rolled leather handle cross the strap onto the other one. Does that make sense?
  3. Posk51, Thanks and yes it makes perfect sense for the rolled leather handled bags that the handles stay hooked together, yet, even when they are joined like that the two handles still slip off together on a couple of my bags like that. I love a shoulder bag and have actually been wearing more cross body bags lately mostly since they are the least bothersome to me, but I do have some nice bags that I would love to wear more often, if only they would stay put! I am not a hand held bag type of gal. I like my hands and arms free to hold a cup of coffee or for dealing with childern or groceries, etc. The worst thing is for the bag to slip off and jar your arm while you are trying to do something else.
  4. Hey, excellent question! Is there somewhere to buy these rolled handles?
  5. I have alot of problems like that.. I like wearing my purses on my shoulder. But I think my problem is a physical one. I think my shoulders are either too short or it slope? =(

    I don't wear clothes with shoulder pads and if they come with it, i cut them off. Maybe I should keep the shoulder pads! =( Give my shoulders more form. SOB SOB
  6. I do love searching the Purse Forum. I think I found exactly what I was looking for when I searched "shoulder, strap, pads" I ran into this: Thanks Hyacinth!
    Which took me to this:
    Which is just what I think I was looking for.
    It comes in a few colors, and 3 different sizes, too. It sure looks comfortable. It looks like it will work good. Have anyone of you used one of these? I am considering ordering one or more.
    Do you think that it would look ok?
    Do you think that it would even work with double strapped or rolled leather handles of some of my bags?
  7. Thanks Titania,
    Those are sets of two wraps. Very bright neon colors, too. But they do not list the size, so it is hard to tell if they will fit my handbags. And will they hold the two handles together?
    Everyone, any opinions of which would be better for bags slipping off my shoulder? the wraps or the ergopad one? Or has anyone run into another option or solution to my problem? Thanks.
  8. In reading the description, I think the wraps are more for handheld luggages. So I don't know what they'll do for shoulders. I might order some just to see. If they don't work for shoulder bags, I can always put them on my luggage.
  9. A SA in LV told me a few years ago to take the strap that is closest to your body, and put that on top of the other strap on your shoulder. It's not a perfect solution, but it works a lot better than the outer most strap on the top of the two. It less inclined to slip off that way. ;)
  10. B. Jara,
    Thanks for the tip. I was actually wearing my rolled leather straps with the outer strap on top. Will try your suggestion next time I go out and see how it works. Will let you know if it works for me.

    I also just ordered the ergopad and as soon as I get to try it I will also give my opinion. And perhaps post a photo or two.
  11. I think there's a thread in the Coach forum on the Carly bag where a Dr. Scholl's clear heel insert pad did the trick. But the Carly has a very wide strap, this wouldn't work with all bags.
  12. I've had the Ergo shoulder strap pad for almost a year, it works well, but, don't use it when you are wearing a top with lace of any kind, or anything else that can be snagged by the nubs. They pulled out a lot of threads on both my new shirt and a ruffled scarf I wore, very upsetting.
  13. Yes, a solution exists. The Purse Strap Holder. It is the only product on the market that does the job. just added a Petite Purse Strap Holder with a thin little pin-back similar to a small brooch. You wear it on your shoulder or below the collar as a double duty brooch. Looks great and keeps our bag on your shoulder too. Ingenious.
    The website features various designs and this little gadget works. It is for cool weather coats, jackets and vests. They keep your purse safe and on your shoulder where it belongs no matter what all day and evening. Love them. No sticky goo or big Velcro type wraps. They made great inexpensive stocking stuffers this year.