Shoulder strap questions

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  1. Just a few questions regarding shoulder straps.

    1) Would a vachetta strap look ok with a vintage bag that is ages old and has the patina of a dark brown walnut?

    2) Does anyone have any info on how long the drop is on this monogram strap?

    I was actually in a Live Chat with a customer service rep. from LV and he told me two things that I see are false. He told me that the vachetta straps available are no longer sold on the LV website even though I'm staring at them now with an option to place them in my cart, and two, that LV is no longer manufacturing monogram straps, even though there is one right there.

    I prefer the look of a vachetta strap, but there is the issue of the patina.
  2. I bought a mono strap about ... maybe 6 weeks ago? ... I had LV 1-800 reserve it for me and then I picked it up at the store.

    I don't know what the length is, but I wear mine cross-body very comfortably and they are adjustable and so can be shortened to wear on your shoulder.

    As for vachetta vs. mono ... I went mono because my pochettes (currently) are and I don't want to have to screw around with tanning or weather protecting the strap ... but that's just me.
  3. It can get daunting thinking of trying to protect the vachetta... Hmm... But with a large size Speedy, you don't think the monogram with monogram looks too busy or 'too much?'
  4. I think a new vachetta strap wouldn't look so great next to vintage leather with very dark patina. The mono strap would look much better. However, if you are trying to find a strap that can be "multi-tasked" to work with your azur pieces, then I can see that you would put a vachetta strap to better use. If so, would recommend tanning the strap to force the patina to occur -- though still likely would never match your vintage patina...
  5. Thanks. I actually don't have any azur and the strap really would just be for the vintage. Now I have a lot to think about....
  6. Here is a picture of my dirty vachetta. It may actually have been treated vachetta from the very beginning since it's French Co.

    (I know I have to clean it. Put this on the list behind polishing my silver and my patent leather flats.)

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