Shoulder Strap Paddington

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  1. Did you see on the Bergdorf Goodman site today there is a paddington satchel shoulder bag? The strap is so nice and wide and long and has the signature C design.
  2. AAHH - Don't do it. :amazed:

    I ordered the tan shoulder strap paddy from Neiman's and it went straight back.

    That strap is wholly unfunctional; the bag cannot be worn messenger style and it hung down past my hips (I am 5'7").

    The bag jutted out of my hip area like some weird fungal growth, it looked silly and felt awkward.

    Also, if it is the tan on B&G those bags have been shipped and returned so many times that you are getting what equates to a second-hand bag. Mine had a pen mark on it, and the round leather stud tabs were frayed, it looked dirty...I could go on and on about that mistake.

    I didn't even take pictures of it - it went back faster than you can say ho-ho.
  3. Yikes! Thanks for clearing up that bag!
  4. I agree with the used bag comment. The last 2 bags I recently ordered from NM and BG were definately used. I just returned an ivory paddington from that came to me with starbucks napkins in the side pocket and the brown "paint" on the handle edges was obviously cracking. I returned it to a NM store and the customer service person at least wrote "damaged" on the receipt in an attempt to avoid the bag being restocked - but I am sure it will be sent out again. :sick:
  5. Oh that is awful, napkins :blink: ...yikes, in my opinion some stores returns policies are too leniant, you should not be able to test drive a $1500 bag for a few weeks and then send it back, I just think that is ethically wrong.

    You should be able to tell in your house, in front of your mirror if the bag is right for you.
  6. I have the shoulder strap paddy, and as Loganz says, the strap is totally useless. I just use the bag without the strap.
  7. damn, sorry to hear, i thought that bag would have so much potential with the strap. guess not, good to know!
  8. Gross! :sick: That's awful customer service.
  9. That is terrible! I can't believe people actually use the bags and take them out AND THEN return them!! I wish they wouldn't accept anything back that is not brand new- it is just not fair for anyone to spend good money and get a used bag. sorry for the venting- but it's happenned to me and its just not right IMO.
  10. I don't know about this particular bag, but I think that bags are like clothes, in that some styles suit some people and some suit others.

    If you are tall with a largish bust and narrowish hips (you know, the kind of flat type of hips, where the bit immediately below the waist is the same size as the hip bone and upper thigh areas) and you have a similar bust and hip measurement, then you will tend to look good with a longer strap that allows the bag to sit against the flat part of your hip, or even below your hip.

    However, if you are less tall, with a smaller upper body, a small waist and a more rounded hip, then you will tend to look good with a shorter strap, which allows the bag to sit above, or on the waist; so as not to add bulk to the hip area.

    I personally :love: long staps, as I am 5'8 and have the former body type, with an equal bust and hip measurement, so I don't mind adding a bit of bulk to my lower body!

    The down side of my body type, of course, is that some people seem to assume that I'm bigger than I am, because they don't look properly and just assume from my upper body that I must have a bigger butt and hips than I do.....oh, and I can't ever wear baggy clothes out in public..... :shame: :lol: !
  11. Sorry, I forgot to say that in the UK we only ever get, at the most, 14 days to make up our mind and often only 7 days...not much time to fill a bag with napkins :lol:!

    Stores over here are also demons for even the slightest mark or defect :worried:.

    I saw an episode of King of Queens last year (I know, I know; a really old show for most of you guys!) and was amazed that Carrie could get away with using all of those designer clothes and accessories for a whole month, before returning them for a full refund!!!

    Stores over here are also really strict about tag removal/damage, so unless you want to walk around for 2 weeks with a Selfridges or Harrods tag hanging off your Paddy :wacko: - forget it!
  12. I think the problem with online shopping is that if i use the bag for one month and then send it back, the person on the receiving end (making $8/hour) does not care if it looks used, etc. and just punches in the credit. I'd be surprised if any SA in the US at a large store refused to accept a return of a used bag. I try to avoid buying from Chloe boutiques here because the return policy is store credit only within 7 days, but at least I know I am getting a brand new bag! In order to get a new ivory paddington, I had to break down and call the Chloe boutique!
  13. The thing about the shoulder strap paddy is simply that the strap does not function. It's not a style thing. When you wear the strap on or across your shoulder, the bag gets totally out of control and falls over. Beacuse of, partly, the weight of the lock, partly beacuse of the construction. So you need to also hold on to the handles to keep the bag upright. Which is immensely impractical and looks just plain silly.
  14. My bag was in excellent condition, both the handles were wrapped in foam and the dustbag had perfect creases. I am very picky when it comes to my handbags and how they arrive to me.
  15. My paddy was also in perfect conditon from Bergdorfs.