Shoulder strap joy!

  1. As may have seen, I bit the bullet and paid £50 for a canvas shoulder strap for my lemon Brooke :shame: I figured that I'd be able to use it for other bags, and the versatility would make the expense worth it.

    I was right!!!! :nuts: It arrived today, and it totally transforms my Brooke. With the original chain the Brooke is a pretty little bag, but with the strap it looks like a small satchel and is a lot less "delicate" looking. The strap was custom made and it has a beautiful big Mulberry buckle which means I can have the bag across my body messenger style, slung quite low or sitting just higher than my hip (as I'm quite little, the Brooke doesn't look too dinky on me). It was supposed to be cream in colour, but it's really more of a pink-toned beige and that is even better because it is going to go sooooo well with my lavender Rosemary!

    I'm away from home for a few days now but I'll get photos uploaded when I get home. I'm chuffed to bits :yahoo:
  2. Oh, yay! Really pleased for you, goldfinch :tup: Sounds like the colour is ideal for you. I think it's the cream that goes with oak - there probably is a pink tinge to it, now that you mention it.

    Looking forward to your pics :yes:
  3. Sounds really good, £50 quid well spent then eh? Would love to see pics of the other look for the brooke :tup:
  4. Yay- can't wait to see piccies!!!
  5. OK girls, sorry for keeping you waiting for this! Here's a pic of the shoulder strap on my Brooke. Please excuse the fact that I cut my head off......I am having an ugly day :shame:

  6. Ooooh, I love that! Can I ask what you asked them for? Just a cross body strap in beige? Did you have to give them a measurement? And does the buckle say Mulberry?

    I'm going to order mine tomorrow :yes:

    Thanks so much for posting the photo. Your Brooke looks really cute on the strap :heart:
  7. Great, thanks Dita! :yahoo:

    I asked for a cream shoulder-strap for a lemon Emmy, but I didn't specify a length. Then, whilst I was fretting about whether it would be too short or too long, a lady from Mulberry customer services rang me up and asked me if I had a length in mind! When I said I hadn't measured, she said that she'd have it made with a buckle on it so I could adjust it to fit.

    And yes, the buckle is a big beautiful Mulberry-stamped one! I'm very happy with it, it looks good on my lavender Rosemary too :smile:
  8. It does look quite nice. You are a tiny little thing and it looks great on you. Might have to think about a strap for my brooke.
  9. wow! it looks really lovely on you. the strap really does transform the brooke, it makes for a very nice messenger bag. makes me want one too now. oh dear... it's that mulberry addiction setting in...
  10. Wow, it looks great!!! Totally transforms the look of the Brooke. Love it!

    I do wish there was a possibility to order extra straps from my Mulberry boutique also. (They stubborny refuse - everytime).
  11. Looks great! Oh heck, now you've got me hankering after a lemon Brooke, it looks so yummy!
  12. What a cute bag! She looks great on you and how nice to be able to change the strap! Lovely color!
  13. Very Very NICE!!!!! Enjoy!!!!
  14. lovely bag
  15. looks great. What made you think of doing that? I love the Brooke, and you've just made it better:tup: