shoulder strap for speedy?

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  1. what do you think about putting a longer strap on a speedy so that you can shoulder it ?

    i recently saw about three women on their speedies hanging a long strap, a LV one, but a sporty looking one...

    does anyone of you have this and could post a picture???

    actually I saw all that women carrying the bags on their hand/arm with the hanging down strap...

    I don't think the idea is bad, even if not classy, if you travel with the speedy and you need a free hand so you can quickly shoulder it and you don't have to put it on the floor or somewhere.....

  2. I am so against the strap on the speedy for some reason. I agree it's not easy when out and about. I actually put down a paper towel on the floor in a public restroom today so mine wouldn't touch the floor! I just am not sure I would like the look of a long strap. Would like to see pics also.
  3. I posted pics awhile ago on a similar mom had a strap for her Speedy when I was little. And actually, I was looking through old pictures and we have pictures of Marie Osmond after the Sound of Music show in 1994 and SHE has a strap on her Speedy too!
    Here are the pictures I posted, shoulder and cross body style:
  4. i would totally rock the strap on my speedy if you could attach it to the tabs on the end, that would be cute [for me imo because i like the messenger looking effect] but im not a huge fan of it attached to the handles like that :/
  5. I use one for my epi speedy...especially when shopping
  6. I bought one and I wear my Speedy messenger style - It's not very classy but I find it very handy ;) when you need your hands. I wear my Speedy more since I have the strap (one whole week ! - never happened before :yes: )
    IMO it,s worth it!
  7. does such a thing exist? and, a bit ot, does anyone know if the epi alma straps will become more expensive during the price increase? tia!
  8. The shoulder straps can be used with Speedy, Alma, Deauville. Alma/Deauville have D-ring chads (where the handles are attached to bag) which are great for attaching straps, but the Speedy's chads are not D-rings, so the strap's metal clips will rub against the bottom of the Speedy handle. I still like the straps for the Speedy and have several of them. I don't know about price increase on straps, but check with your LV store for Epi straps - they'll probably be smooth leather straps not Epi material straps. Good luck!
  9. And the Epi strap is this one, as peace said:

    It's called the "Epi Shoulder Strap" and is on elux for $195 right now in Mandarin and Mocha.
  10. sure it does.....there are straps in general for LVs..but i think it looks kinda weird on speedies :smile:
  11. i personally think Speedys, Almas or Deuvilles are not meant to be worn with longer shoulder straps - even if their bales (the metal bits attaching the handles to the bag) have the additonal "D" feature. it just doesn't look right to me.
  12. i've noticed a few of you pfer's think the strap would like funny with speedys, i have a multicolore mini HL that I was thinking of purchasing a strap for.. do you guys think it would look funny on it too? i wanted a strap so i could wear it cross-body so my hands would be free (you know, for those days i run errands, etc)
  13. i think it could work with the Mini Sac HL because the bag is tiny. its got something to do with the width of the bag and the distance between the attachments (if that makes any sense) for it to look right.
  14. not with