Shoulder Strap For Speedy Graffiti?


formerly Purse-onality
Nov 10, 2006
hi kids...i am buying a graffiti speedy :heart: and was wondering if an LV shoulderstrap would fit on it? i know some of the newer speedys (ie, denim patchwork) cannot fit a strap..........but i am thinking of buying one.....i know LV sells them for around $125-$150...........but wonder if the h/w on the graffiti speedy will accommodate it and if so, if the top of the bag itself is fashioned so that you can hook the strap on the proper one side to the other across the zipper..........



Aug 22, 2006
I ahve used one on my cerise speedy and on a Speedy 30 I used to have. But since I am not sure the strap attachments can take the weight (not being 'meant' to carry on the shoulder), I don't load up the bag when using the strap. I have a Speedy 35 now and I don't think I will use the shoulder strap, because that bag is big enough that I think it is sure to be heavy with my things in it.


Nov 22, 2006
I use straps with my Damier Speedy 30 and Mono Speedy 30. The strap clips can be attached to the metal things (chads?) that hold the Speedy handles but the strap clips will rub against the Speedy handles on the edge of the leather. I'm ok with this, but just wanted to warn you. It's not really noticeable but you should be aware of it.

If you look at the Deauville, Trouville, Alma, Ellipse, they are all made with a d-ring hooks attached to the handles chads which is really nice since it's meant then to clip to a strap with no rubbing against the leather handles. However, LV won't do this with the Speedy. Oh well....