Shoulder Strap for Damier Speedy

  1. Where can I get one? I have been considering purchasing a damier speedy 25 from eLux, but I cannot find a chocolate shoulder strap available from them. While people may not agree on how great a shoulder strap with a speedy looks, I know I'd need it now and then and I am just not in love with any LV shoulder bags I've seen (except epi buckets, but I want a damier piece first).

    Would I be able to call a store and order? I am assuming they are available, but maybe they are not? If any of you have one, where did you get it?
  2. I don't think they make one, at least I have never seen one.:shrugs:
  3. yes, they make one for the damier alma..a chocolate strap. There is a thread on this already w/ a posted picture and I think it looks cute. call the 866 number and have them locate one for you:smile::smile: good luck..

  4. I have the Damier strap. It's adjustable and I bought it from the boutique. Don't remember the exact price since I purchased it two years ago but it's probably at least $175 or more. Call the 866 number or go to a local store if you can.
  5. ^^^ that alma looks great!
  6. Thank you so much!!
    I love it more than I though I would....especially with the strap...
  7. ah, i like the damier chocolate strap WAY better than the mono strap or the plain leather one. much better!