Shoulder strap for Damier Alma?

  1. I treated myself to a Damier Alma from eLux over the weekend (can't WAIT to get it :yahoo: ) and saw some threads here where people mentioned they also used a shoulder strap with the bag. I searched both eLux and the LV site and couldn't find a Damier shoulder strap listed as an available option :confused1:. Is one offered and I missed it??
  2. I have a Damier Alma and I recently got a shoulder strap for it. I'm mostly a shoulderbag person, so I soon discovered that I "needed" the strap. If you go into the LV webslte -> Catalogue -> City bags & Briefcases -> Straps . It's the 3rd from the top. I would definately recommend getting it!
  3. Thanks so much! I was looking under Accessories, Other Leather Goods, etc. and didn't even see the Straps category!

    I'm mainly a shoulder bag person too, though I'm quickly learning to love my Epi Speedy. It will be great to have the shoulder option for the Alma!
  4. i wonder what that would look like... i cant really imagine it...
  5. It's brown leather and adjustable. I have a Damier strap for my Damier Speedy (30 & 25).
  6. Because I want an Alma, can you please post a pic of how it looks with a strap? I know I could find out one day when I'm at LV. But curious to see this now. ;) But if you can't thats ok! :yes: