Shoulder strap for a speedy???

  1. Hi, this has been bugging me on & off for a while - can you put a shoulder strap on a speedy 25? Only I'm sure I saw someone once carrying a speedy across their body messenger style! If I was correct, has anyone done this??
    Thanks in advance!! I know here there will be some real experts - just been browsing some of your collections - WOW!!!! :tup:
  2. Yes, they have straps that you can purchase to put on your bags so that you can wear them on the shoulder. I bought a speedy 25 on eBay and it came with one, it doesn't look to bad on them either.
  3. Oooh thanks MC!! I don't suppose there are any pics on TPF anywhere? Do you know how much the straps cost? Are they on the website?
    Sorry, lots of questions, but as I said it's been bugging me!!:shame:
  4. there are straps on the lv site.
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  6. I'm not feeling the straps on the Speedy, sorry.
  7. Wow, thanks ijmoran, that's an amazing bag!! I love the red! Though I was thinking more of the damier, a little more subtle for me :p
  8. Definately NO !! It's not a good look ..
  9. Sometimes I wish I had a shoulder strap for my MC speedy. That bag can get really heavy fast.
  10. hi gals...sorry to interrupt but im also consider a strap for my speedy...but i own a speedy 30 instead of a 25...u think tt's gonna be a bad look?appreciate all opinions! cheers!

  11. me too. shhhh.
  12. i vote no for straps! i know it isn't the most convenient bag to carry around, but it looks so cute and nice with the way it works. adding straps would change the entire outlook. please reconsider!
  13. Speedy with a strap is NOT A GOOD LOOK!
  14. I think the strap is fine.
  15. No prob. I have to agree that I'm not crazy about the strap, BUT,I got if for utility sake. I like the fact that I when I'm lugging around several things and need free hands I can switch to the shoulder strap.