shoulder or arm?

  1. sorry for this stupid question, but this is my first time on the YSL forum......and im just wondering how the muse bags are generally carried? on the shoulder or on the arm? thanks!
  2. It's NOT a stupid question! :nogood:

    Welcome! :smile:

    I think it depends on the size of the muse, along with preference.

    I have the OS muse and carry it mostly on my shoulder.
  3. I think all the celebs are seen carrying theirs on their arms, but I prefer to carry mine on my shoulder.
  4. I have the large Muse and I mostly carry it on my shoulder. But if I have a lot in it, it can get heavy after a while, so I carry it on my arm to give my shoulder a break .
  5. I have the Oversize Muse and carry it by hand or in the crook of my arm.
  6. I have the oversized and it's usually on my shoulder because I pack it so much that it's too heavy to be hand-held.

    Also, I'm only 5ft tall, so when I hold it by the handles, the bag ends up only a couple inches off the ground.
  7. I have the OS muse and I carry it on my shoulder most of the time but I do carry it on my arm. One of the strap does tend to fall off sometimes when i carry it on my shoulder:wondering....
  8. I have the large Muse and I alternate between arm and shoulder.
  9. I like that the muse can be carried both ways!
  10. thanks guys!!!! all of you are right, i think it's really neat that it can both be carried on the shoulder and on the arm!! very versatile! i think i have a new addition to my wishlist!!!!!
  11. I have the large Muse and typically do crook of my arm. Only shoulder if I'm carrying something else or need to bend down.
  12. Basically, if it has two handles it is meant to be worn on the arm or in hand and consequently looks best worn so. Likewise, if it has a single strap it is meant to be worn on the shoulder.
  13. I usually carry my OS muse on my shoulder, but if its empty I tend to carry it in the crook of my arm
  14. personally, i prefer mine on the arm because everytime i try to wear a bag on the shoulder, it always slids off!!!!! :lol:
  15. Hmm, one of my issues with the Muse is I can't get it on my shoulders! I normally prefer shoulder bags but for some reason I LOVE the Muse so suffer. I wear mine in the crook of my arm or in my hand.