Shoulder kelly, is there such a thing?

  1. I saw this in a japanese magazine. Is there such a thing?
    magazine-3.jpg magazine-4.jpg
  2. Yes, MWS, that is a JPG Birkin.
  3. Well, if it's on the Hermes catwalk then it is true. I love it! But not for me, I'm a shortie. :sad:
  4. No, the article calls it a kelly, see the handle and front, like a kelly, not a birkin. I know there is JPG birkin, but never heard of a shoulder kelly.
  5. Sus,.. She was talking about the Kelly

    I'm sure someone knows the proper name for it.
  6. We need more info on this! I love that bag!!!! :nuts:
  7. Sorry, not a fan.
  8. i love it because more people will rush to buy it and leave the regular kelly bags on the shelves so that when i'm ready and/or win the lottery, i can just pick the one i want.

    (and i would have to see more pics, but i think it's a brilliant idea to appeal to a more casual customer who is still looking for hermes style with a capital H rather then wanting to explore the other designs that are so over-looked/under-valued. pity, but that's reality.)
  9. that's interesting....never heard of it before!
  10. shoulder JPG Kelly.

    there is a Kelly which instead of a handle it has a long shoulder strap......I'm not a fan, either......if it ain't broke....

    You know, I kinda liked Jean-Paul G before he joined Hermes and went and ruined everything....*ducks and weaves*......!!!
  11. I have never seen a shoulder kelly...I think that would be very hard to get in and out of.
  12. First time I am seeing a JPG Shoulder Kelly .... Is this something new? I have heard that there will be a new bag called the Lindy (sp?) due to be available next year. Does anyone know about this??? Please ask your SAs and post back here to tell us all about it.
  13. ive actually seen the shoulder kelly on someone in hong kong. i did ask hermes hk about it and they said that there is a shoulder kelly, but they have not gotten one (at least not at their store). so i am inclined to think that the lady's bag is real (it looked real).
    it's quite nice. saw it that same color in the magazin-- either it was a potiron or the H orange.
  14. Tresor, I can now say with 101% certainty that the shoulder Kelly you saw on someone in Hong Kong is a fake.

    I was curious about the shoulder Kelly and just had to get an answer from my store manager and she was sweet enough to check with the Mothership. The shoulder Kelly was only produced for the runway, and in the end, only the shoulder Birkin got made for commerical sale. The mothership was very quick to proclaim that "the bag in the catolog is NOT a Hermes product". ;) I think the Mothership was very surprised that a magazine even carried a picture of it, and thought the picture was from a catalogue.
  15. Too bad! It is a lovely look- very functional for me. I would have jumped to buy one- as everyone else would have, I'm sure!