Shoulder....Is it worth $695?

  1. Do you guys think it is worth it to spend $695 for the shoulder style? Even if you can get it a old color?

  2. no. I placed an order for a magenta one from a Saks stores a few days ago, but figured out it was a shoulder bag instead of a moto mini, so I canceled it. its freaking tiny..more like a makeup bag.
  3. Not worth it to me.
  4. I have a hard time paying full price on the accessories - even though I think they are adorable, I think to myself for $x amount more I could get a big bag!
  5. Actually, the size isn't bad. I can get my big fat zip-up checkbook wallet which is practically a clutch in itself (carries a passport), PDA phone and a bigger-than-normal set of keys and lippies in the side even with the mirror. It's a nice size to go out with and expected something smaller because it's called a makeup, so I was happy to see it was bigger. That said, it's still not worth 695 IMO but is a nice bag to have if you can find it at a good deal. I primarily got mine to use in my work to separate my essentials in.
  6. Thanks guys I was thinking the same, for a little more I could get a full size bag. It would be cute to go in a work if i had a work LOL
  7. Oh, but I wanted to add - yes, it is the cutest little bag! I still love it!
  8. It's a lot for the size. I have one - I use the makeup clutch for my regular bag anyway, so the size is perfect for me, it's just a makeup clutch with a strap.

    But when you compare the shoulder to the makeup, the price difference is pretty amazing - it's like $240 more. There's definitely a difference in the amount of effort to make the shoulder - there's piping around all the edges, and the added hardware for the strap, and an internal zip pocket, and the cutest little mini-mirror - but unless you're committed to the small size bag, I'm not sure it's worth it. (I can't believe I'm saying this, as it's entirely against my better interests given I'd been thinking of selling mine...)
  9. i agree that it's alotta moola for such a small size...i was tempted too recently, but decided to stick to the first as my little bag :smile:
  10. I was just fondling one today at NM. Pretty small for such a big price.
  11. It doesn't offer very much bag for the pricetag.