shoulder/ hobo like bag in TJMaxx

  1. Hey all - I just bought a D & B in TJMaxx today. It was $100. It's a slightly large bag with one strap......good size - nice and deep. It's a pretty sky blue color with the D & B logos on it with a navy strap. I will try to post a pic later. Do all you Dooney lovers know about this bag? I see this style a lot in stores like that.
  2. Not sure. Can't wait to see a pic. Sounds like a great deal!
  3. i really cannot wait to see pics, this sounds like the bag i have been eyeing!
  4. Sounds like a D&B signature sac. [​IMG]
  5. I have the Signature Anniversary Sac, but can't seem to capture a photo from the D&B website.
  6. Great deal!

    I never see cute bags like that at my TJ Maxx. They only seems to have "off" colors and a lot of those "charm" bags that were popular a few years ago.

    I'm jealous of the people that live close to D&B outlets. I'd probably get a job there!

  7. That is the bag - but it's more of a silver-blue and the handle is a navy blue. It is a great size and veryyyy pretty for the summer.
  8. I have bought a couple of bags at TJ Maxx that were cute. Our mostly had the It line which I love.
  9. I have the smaller bag of this in black (the mini sac) and that's normally my everyday bag. I love how you can just stuff things in it and it holds a lot!
  10. i have that sac & love it.......The price went up, I bought mine for $79.99 before the holidays, and later went back they were all marked up to $99.99 they are at T.J.Maxx and Marshall's for that price.
  11. if that is the bag, that is a great price!

    I saw one at a TJ Maxx last may and I still kick myself for not getting it! it was 100 bucks and I thought about it and then said no and put it down. 2-3 days later I wanted it and went back and of course it was gone :crybaby: I've seen similar ones, but, not blue, always different colors...oh well, it wasn't meant to be for me I guess...Congrats on yours tho! :smile:
  12. congrats!!
  13. LOVELY bag!
  14. Good luck with this one. I bought it from the DB site a few years ago and paid $165 or $175 in the brown..after a little more then a year it has thread wear on all four corners ( where the corners come together on each corner). I did not use this bag every day so I was not hard it.They really need to reinforce the corners on this type bag with a little leather. I mean really I could have paid $30 for a d*mn bag at JC Penneys and gotten better wear. This is my absolute favorite style of bag and I would dearly love to have it in the denim that's currently on the DB website but I will not pay another nearly $200 for a bag that will have thread wear in a little over a year. Needless to say I am highly disappointed with Dooneys fabric bags.
  15. I have the sky blue bag that's shown in the picture. I bought it on eBay a few months ago. How do I clean it since mine is a little dirty? Can I just take the leather strap off and run it in the washer or is there special instructions? And how do I clean the leather? I love it but bought a new bag that I love even more and would like to put it back on eBay so I need it clean.