shoulder drop of new slim carly

  1. the shoulder drop of the new medium slim carly is 10". do u think it will look way too long since the bag slouches also ? has anyone tried this bag yet?
  2. Personally I think it sounds PERFECT. I've always felt my Carly strap was a bit too short but I deal with it because I love the bag.
  3. nevermind, I found it, thanks!
  4. I was at a Coach boutique yesterday and they didn't have that bag on display. I really wanna try it on!!!
  5. It's order-only right now. None of the stores have it yet. I heard JAX was already selling a lot (probably cause of PCE pre-order) so I would order it if you are thinking about it. If you hate it, you can always return it.
  6. Hehe, too late :sad:, I ended up buying the regular Carly in black sig. yesterday. Maybe next year I'll get the slim in leather if I like it. ;)
  7. I tried this bag on in my boutique manager had them in the back not yet for sale yet, but since she knows me, she snuck them out for me to see! The drop seems the same on the slim carly as the regular carly (I was wearing a light winter coat)...the ONLY difference I noticed was that the slim carly was about 5" taller than the regular Carly....and MUCH slimmer....not sure if it stands up on it's own b/c I didnt try!!!! BUT I will be going back next week, so if nobody sees it yet, I'll let you know!!!
  8. I just got back from my boutique and I tried it on. I didn't love it. It's really skinny and will not stand up on it's own. I saw solid black signature - the pad on the top of the strap is patent. I also saw the black and ocean leathers. I really wanted to love it, but I didn't.
  9. Oh that sucks, I hate it when a bag cannot stand up on it's own, it drives me INSANE!!! I had to get rid of my soho hobo for this reason.

    I was really hoping that this carly would be the carly for me:sad: I will still need to try it on, but the standing up thing is a real issue for me.
  10. Wish they brought out the slim carly soooner!! UGh! T_T

    W/e! haha.. I love my ergo!
  11. The standing up thing doesn't bother me, because at work I have a hook I can hang it on, and otherwise it's just sitting on my lap or something like that. I really hope I love the blue color...I've been dying for a blue bag and this seems like a bag I can wear even in the summertime.