shoulder birkins-birkin 45?

  1. hello ladies!

    I really need your opinion on a birkin 45 with long handles.
    I have not seen it yet in person. can anyone help me finding decent pics? anyone has it?
    It would be really nice to hear what you know/like/hate about it.
    Could be used as a travel carry on?
    and what about men using it?

    honest opinions appreciated!
    thank you sooo much in advance!
  2. look in the 50 cm birkin thread same applies here. furthermore due to the shape of the birkin i don´t thinks it is really suited as a travel bag at least not if you intend to close it
    oh and for men carrying it. well i do have a freind who wears a 40cm one but he is flamboyantly gay so he gets away with it but a straight guy maybe even dressed in a suit i think it will look like he is holding the bag waiting for his gilrfriend/wife who had to run to the powder room
    but why are you asking do you want to buy that bag as apresent for you husband /SO? and then borrowing it of course:lol:
  3. didn't carolyn b. kennedy carry a 45 with the longer straps? i think so. i suppose your size and purpose for the bag (she seemed to use hers for work, loading it up) would define the appropriate size.
  4. no I am a boy myself:-9
    yes, gay but NOT bryanboy gay....hee hee

    I do have a birkin 40 in black, and everyone thinks it is the perfect buisness bag for me.
    even one of my male straight collueges is going to buy one soon:smile:
    My aunt would give me her 45 birkin with long handles for free-she doesnt use it. it is blue jean. but I only want to take it, if I really use it...already have tooo many bags.

    thanks for your inout!

    checked out the 50´s treat, but it was not about the long handles....:smile:)
  5. oh isee sorry my fault. but weren´t you also considering a kelly?
    ok this is just my opinion and please do not take it offensive.i do love vuittons on guys (no matter if they are straight or gay or having a crush on grandmas china) but a birkin or even more a kelly just looks wrong with me when worn by a guy
    but as long as you are happy hey that is all what counts and who am i to judge :flowers:
    i do think a HAC is just better for guys if in a masculine colour "black dark brown dark green dark indigo etc)
  6. yes, I am looking forard to buy a tri color kelly....but now after seeing many pics I want it in the size 40
    the 40 size in my opinion doesnt look tooo bad on guys....

    HAC´s seem cool but I have to se one in person.
    look, the shoulder 45 birkin would be free, so I wouldnt pay.
    still I want to be sure I would be using it......or else my aunt could also sell it for good money.
    I could see the shoulder birkin when worn with flip flops, ****ed up jeans, a vintage like shirt and silver jewelery..........stuffed with files etc for work, so one can see that it fits a purpose and not only style. hee hee
    also, I am a rather straight actin gay, with broader shoulders etc...not a fem:smile:

  7. Yesterday, I saw a guy in a business suit carrying a large kelly. Very dashing!!! The other time, I saw a guy carrying a 45cm picotin birkin with long handles across his chest like a sling bag. He was wearing a formal jacket matched with a T-shirt and dark jeans & high cut sneakers. Looks good too.

    Both looks straight.
  8. what?? the handles are sooo long? any pics to prvide? I just cant imagine wearing a birkin as a sling

    hee hee
  9. Hey, a few weeks ago someone posted a pic of a guy with a big worn Kelly, did you see that ? I thought he looked terrific...
  10. No, no, no. Soory for my bad english. It's not the handles are long, the handles of a birkin are as it is. It is the those Adidas sling bag. He attached the sling leather to the sides of the birkin & carry across his chest like a sling bag. Must be custom made.

    IMO.....I don't go around taking pics of people. :lol:
  11. I found it, it's on page 7 of this sub forum, and the thread is called "Men and Birkins"...Shopmom posted the pic, I find it really sexy...:flowers:
  12. There's a pic of a man carrying a pure white large Birkin in one of my JApanese mags......he looks quite dashing with it!