Shoulder Birkin

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Nov 2, 2009
Peak District
I would love a Shoulder Birkin as I think it's my style of bag. The only ones I have 'seen' are on eBay, mainly in Japan. My SA has said that Paris have no stock of these and it would take time to get one, but as Paris has no stock this may not happen. I don't mind pre-loved but I wondered if there was anywhere else that I could source one? I live in the UK, so anything bought from Japan or US would attract a large customs bill. If that's my only option then I will factor it in, but just wondered if there was an alternative? I have no idea how much they cost new either! TIA for any help or insight!


Apr 10, 2012
sunshine island
You can do a search on sb thread
Not sure if you're looking for sb or sbll
Another alternative you may like to check consignment stores within uk
You can do online price checking as guide line too
Not a difficult bag to source in my opinion
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