Shoulder Birkin

  1. Ordering a new do you feel about the shoulder Birkin?
    Do you need one?
    Not sure I need one.:blink:
  2. Hmm....this is very subjective. It depends on each and everyone whether they prefer a shoulder birkin to a normal one. For me, I like a shoulder birkin but also a normal birkin.

    Maybe you might want to ask yourself, since you already have a normal birkin, why not order a shoulder one for a change of taste? Hope this helps.
  3. Well...I'm too short and I just prefer the regular Birkin for myself. Also, it may be too heavy on my shoulder.
    Have you considered a Birkin 30cm?
  4. I definitely want to add a shoulder Birkin to my collection but not before I get a regular Birkin first.
  5. I jad a chance to buy a brown (forgive for not knowing the exact color) shoulder and passed. I wasn't sure it wasn't a flash in the pan.
    I like the idea of the strap, hands free, but, just can't make up my mind about shoulder.
    I have 2 30's and one 35.
  6. I agree with Rochasgirl. It depends on the individual. I love mine...
  7. Have you 'tried' one ? That's the best way to decide if that is the size/style for you.

    Not for me, imho not an enduring style. Also, no interior pockets.

    I have two 35cm, and one 32cm HAC that I adore.

    How exciting ordering a new Birkin ! Deciding on the leather, color, stitching, hardware, etc. Congratulations !
  8. Actually...I am not too good at "ordering"...having asked for a blue jean over 9 months I am going to find out what is available now and then we can all decide on the color.
    Think I will get a regular old fashioned B.
    Thanks for your input...will keep tyou posted, later in the day...must talk to SA.
  9. I definately prefer the regular Birkin to JPG...;)
  10. I also prefer the regular Birkin to the JPG. I'm quite tiny so I look like a dwarf with a JPG Birkin. Though once I saw in the shop a unique denim with barenia leather combination. It was very pretty!
  11. I'm a big fan of the shoulder Birkin, but unfortunately I have NOT seen an authentic one in fuchsia ... I was told by one of my SAs that they don't make them in fuchsia but I was also told by a different SA (as well as experts on this site) that it is possible to make JPG in other combinations ...

    So now, I'm really lemming for one ... I'm 5 ft 8 in (about 173cm to 175cm) and rather twiggy-looking. It's one of the few "big" bags I can pull off due to its shape being more horizontal than vertical.:yes:
  12. Wish me luck....I am going to call Hermes now!
  13. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Oh can you ask them if they are making purses in fuchsia ostrich this July? TIA:flowers: