Shoulder Birkin for around $8300 is that a good deal?

  1. I'm kinda hesitating since it's higher priced than I thought, but what do you all experts think? is that a good price?
  2. Where are you buying it from?
  3. Hermes directly
  4. Hermes directly
  5. Wow - that's retail? Yikes! As with everything Hermes, it's only a good deal if you can't live without it! :smile:
  6. I think if it's coming from Hermes directly that's the best deal your gonna get.
  7. What color are you getting?
  8. Didn't realize the price was that high at the boutique. If you love it, it's a great deal!;)

    If you want the regular birkin ...then I would wait.
  9. greentea and jessdressed-

    really though? sigh I didn't know that it is actually more expensive than a 35 birkin?? I'm just surprised!! The color is da bomb- one of my fav. brownish tone. BUT just the price kind of turned me down.. I'm thinking am I really can't live without this bag or not??!! The thing is I'm trying to save up for a exotic skin... so considering if I save up for this one and only add a few more thousand I can upgrade to an ostrich at least makes me really, really hesitated.
  10. you're right.. do anyone of you have an idea of how much is it "SUPPOSE" to be in Europe or the States? I've got a couple regular birkins and man, comparing with this shoulder birkin, I think I got those for a steal! So now maybe I should just save up for this one and upgrade to an exotic one in the future (in US or Europe!!) There's a big difference in prices I think!
  11. OH GOSH!!! I would kill for this in brown!!!!
  12. I say, if you like the style of the JPG, then buy it, especially if you like the color so much, coz JPG dont come in exotic skins as far as i know.
  13. Do you mean you want an exotic in a birkin or exotic in a JPG?
  14. Tuleh, where did you see it at?
  15. My 35cm Chevre Coromandel Birkin was $7,200 before tax ($7,800 with tax). So I'm NOT surprised the JPG Birkin which is much wider (40cm?) would cost $8,300.