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  1. Which do people prefer out the following three shoulder bags Coussin GM, Batignolles Horizontal or the Popincourt Haut? Any other ideas welcome....
  2. I enjoy all of the above,
    what about the piano or mezzo?
  3. i have both the Batignolles Horizontal and Popincourt Haut, so i'd choose one of them. the shape of the Coussin just looks wrong :lol:
  4. I like the Batignolles VERTICAL!
  5. I like the Batignolles Horizontal. :heart:
  6. BH for sure.
  7. Out of the choices you listed, I would also pick the BH, but for other choices I would pick the Tulum PM or GM-more of a hobo style but those are gorgeous!!!
  8. BH is the best everyday bag... for me, anyway. I like the popincourt haut too.
  9. Popincourt haut.

    I do have the batignolles horizontal and vertical too though.. they're all great bags ! :yes:
  10. I like the batignollesH AND the popincourt Haut
  11. Bh
  12. BH..or Hudson PM
  13. Cabas Piano... love it!
  14. BH and PH are both nice. how much do you need to carry with you? if you need to carry more, go with the BH.
  15. I love my BH!
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