Shoulder bags with wear

  1. how do the legacy shoulder bags wear? Do they get softer with use? Do they stay on the shoulder well? I keep trying this bag on in the stores and I'm not in love, but I desperately want a pond bag. Just wondering how the shoulder bags improve with age....

  2. Hi, I have the Black Leather and the Sig Khaki/Ebony one. The Black one seems to be softer on the shoulder strap, possibly because I use it more than the Sig one. They do stay on the shoulder really well, the strap is wider than most of the other Coach items I own. I also can fit alot of stuff in these bags, really surprising. Front pockets are great, I'm lost without them on my other bags now !! Black one is my all time Fave Coach purse, I'll probably get the Pond too .
  3. Good question messengerbaglove! :yes: I was wondering this too...

    For me... the strap keeps sliding off of my shoulder, I think its because it is wide?? But I haven't tried the bag with my stuff in it to weigh it down, so I hoping that will alleviate the problem.
  4. I only have a problem keeping mine on my shoulder when I have my big coat on. without the coat it sits and stays like a well trained dog.

    And they definately get softer with wear.
  5. sa said softer with wear .