shoulder bags for short people?

  1. I think i've officially given up....Anyone know of a shoulder bag that LV makes that is roomy, won't look bulgy with a lot of stuff in it, and won't look funny on short people? I'm 5'3" and I thought that the papillon 26 would be great except I don't think that would fit over my shoulder(I have skinny shoulders) but I could be wrong....just from the pics i've seen on elux and such.
  2. the papaillon really does not fit well over the shoulder, I have tried and it just feels really werid. you might be able to pull it off if you get the 30. Also, I am 5'1" and love the LV BH and Piano. both are great shoulder bags.
  3. I love the piano but was thinking it's too big for an everyday bag...more like a carry on? I was looking at the Croissant, but i'm afraid that won't fit over my shoulder either :sad:
  4. When I heard your problem, one bag came to mind - the Batignolles Vertical. It has long, comfortable handles for easy shoulder wear and a modern design. The top of the bag is also closed off a little, to make it even more comfortable for shoulder wear. I included a picture and the price is a mere $710. Good luck with your search!
    Batignolles Vertical.jpg
  5. that looks HUGE! haha Is there anything that's purse sized that'll do the job? :shrugs:
  6. I am 5'4" and my BV is my everyday bag. Big enough to hold my essentials and then some. It wouldn't be for the person who prefers a very small bag though....
  7. I want a medium size bag I think lol Not TOO big but not super small either...I guess with LV it's either one or the other huh? :confused1:
  8. ^ i feel like my petit noe is in between sizes. it's generously sized, but not huge, but def. bigger than a pochette! the small or medium looping might be nice- it's more 'pursey'.
  9. im shorter than 5`3" and the vertical made me look like a dwarf and when i reached inside i looked like the bag had eaten my arm. horizontal was better though.
  10. the medium looping doesn't seem like it would fit over my shoulder well....hmmm

    I think the Petite Noé is cute, but it's too...backpackish? Does that make sense? Maybe it's just me lol i'm uber picky :p
  11. how about the trouville? you can carry it as a handbag or get a leather strap if you prefer and carry it messenger style.
  12. that's cute but reminds me of a makeup bag. lol I think I may go with my first choice......the tikal gm :smile:
  13. I think the petit bucket would be perfect...I have one but I am 5'11" so it just looks kinda silly I am carrying a little girls purse;) ...but then again, I carry a babylone as my day to day purse and it's huge...:yes:
  14. What about the Petit Noe!?
  15. i am a viva cite fan. what about the MM size if the GM is too big for your frame? very comfy on the shoulders.