Shoulder bag with oversized zippers?

  1. I seem to recall having seen a leather shoulder bag with oversized zippers. I tried searching the forum but can't find the brand. I want to say it was D&G or Prada or something to that effect. Can anyone refresh my memory?? :confused1:
  2. I think I know what you mean, the bags with the hugely oversized zipper pulls? I think they're pretty too, but I have no idea what brand it is... I'd like to know too!
  3. I think Chloe makes that bag with the oversized zipper pulls. Let me see if I can find a pic.
  4. I can't find anything. Maybe I have the wrong brand too. I know what bag you're talking about, though. I could have sworn someone once posted a pic of it here.
  5. darn.. and I don't even know how to begin a search for that here on the forum.
  6. I've seen those bags too. I think it's either Chloe or Marc Jacobs. I don't remember though.
  7. the only thing I could find was an ioffer picture of the bag

    It says it's "prada" but i've searched around and can't find anything to confirm this!
  8. D&G made them.
    How do I know?
    My friend proudly parades a fake. :Push:
  9. ^ :roflmfao:

    I'd love to see a picture of the original... oversized zippers sounds nice :nuts:
  10. It's a most likely a fake!!!Prada will never come up with a design like that! Besides the HUGE ZIPPER you see in the picture were seen on many other rip-offs and fakes flooding the fake market in china..just be careful..
  11. ^ so is it D&G? I'd like to stick to the original designer, thank you! No fakes for me!
  12. I found another pic of this bag from a site called, and it was also listed as Prada.
  13. I found another one listed on, and it was labeled as D&G. :confused1: The ones on were most likely fake, but I was hoping that at least one of them would be based on an actual design by an actual label.
  14. THE BAG WAS NEVER MADE!!! HA HA!!!(I am nearly positive on this) I can tell you this for sure, the shoulder bag may be a REPLICA of a bag made for Barneys. If so, someone actually took the bag, added the zips and threw a logo on there. The bag never actually existed, but was created by the replica makers using a few trends. These are everywhere with Prada, D&G and I think maybe Chloe. I also have seen a lot of people calling them Chloe inspired. They are not(other than maybe the idea of the huge zipper pulls, which the only ones I have seen are leather tabs from me if I am wrong) Here's a pic of the bag with NO Zippers.eBay: Barneys New York Gold Cream Metallic Hobo Bag Purse (item 280046627628 end time Nov-14-06 14:23:37 PST)
    Also, there are a ton of these bags avaiable with NO logo on ebay, so if you like it....I think this may be one of those interesting cases where the replica makers get it wrong and end up with a "hybrid"...(think LV mono saddle bag)
  15. I'm pretty sure it was by Marc by Marc Jacobs. :yes:

    ETA: Sorry, I posted before I saw the pic. The one by Marc by Marc Jacobs didn't look like that!