Shoulder Bag Whiskey: 2006 or 2007?

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  1. Which style do you like better in the shoulder bag - the 2006 (two pockets) or 2007 (1 pocket)? Does the 2007 style seem a little more formal? :confused1:
  2. I originally owned the two pocket version (2006), but one of the turnlocks kept falling off. After sending it in for repairs twice, I decided to trade it in for the newer one pocket version after my turnlock fell off for the third time (the 2006 version was no longer available). I preferred the two pockets and the zipper on the back pocket (the one pocket version is just an open pocket on the back. I have since decided that both versions were too small for me so I recently purchased the legacy satchel which has the two pockets, so I'm happy (for now!):smile:
  3. I love the 2006 version- but that's just my 'symmetrical' subconscious speaking. One pocket throws me off! :graucho:
  4. Hands down, 2006! :woohoo:
  5. I have an 06 that I LOVE. I originally bought the 07 this summer and returned it. The shoulder bag is MORE than enough room for my things so I don't use the front turnlock pockets. I have tylenol in 1 pocket and thats it. I also like the back pocket to have a zipper which the 06 has. I also like the look of the 06 better.
  6. Well, I'm here to vote for the '07. I think it's a prettier bag, and I do think it's a bit dressier.:tup:for '07!
  7. I vote for the '07! Personally after hearing about all the turnlocks falling off, the '06's scare me and I wouldnt buy one!
  8. 2006 for sure. 2007 looks like something my mom would carry. LOL!
  9. I love the 06 double pocket. :heart: I actually just purchased the whiskey. It is such a comfortable looking bag ( I am still waiting for it to arrive.) It also goes with everything!!! Do you know if Coach has a limit to how many times the turn lock can be replaced? I hope they don't but, I plan to be careful and not abuse the pockets.:yes:
  10. 2006...I love them.
  11. I prefer the 2006... younger looking and more cute to me, but I didnt' like the way it slouched so much in the middle and right under my arms.. I still vote 2006 though!!! :tup:
  12. Definitely the 2006 version. It's such a pretty bag and is just the right size (for me). The leather is so luxurious and it has that nice vintage look to it. I have two of them and haven't had any problems as of yet.
  13. I like my '06 in Whiskey. I do use the 2 front pockets: I put my phone and lip gloss in one and Altoids and gum in the other.
    And my turnlocks have never broken. I use this bag more than any other in my collection!
  14. i regret missing out on the 2006. personally, i think it is one of the nicest bags ever.
  15. I love the 2006 ~ I just got it in POND yesterday.
    Does anyone else think this bag is on the heavy side?
    I couldn't believe it before I even put all my stuff in it, I Love the way it looks but I think my shoulder will have something else to say about it.:sad: