Shoulder Bag, Which one???? AGH!!! Help

  1. Hey all. Lately all my purchases have been handheld bags. And im going on a trip in October for 5 days (visiting my family havent seen my dad and brothers in 2yrs) So i need your advice for a shoulder bag. I only have one in mind but dont know.... The Neverfull pm i think the smallest of the three. But would love to have options. Thanks everyone. :heart:
  2. you might consider the Popincourt Haut or Batignolles Horizontal. i have both and they're very roomy and comfortable
  3. For me, the Neverfull PM was not very comfortable on the shoulder - the MM has longer straps and was much more comfortable.

    Are you considering both Damier and Monogram?
  4. ^ when is the damier coming out? Will it be before OCt ?
  5. neverfull pm, popincourt haut, or BH :smile: you might even think about the coussin gm
  6. Ooh what about the denim Neo Cabby?
  7. Batignolles Horizontal
  8. PH, LH or Tulum are my top choice...BH is way too common now.....
  9. I have a PH and I love it. It's classy yet casual. I can adjust the straps and use it as a hand held too. I LOVE THIS BAG.
  10. i like the neverfull gm! =)
  11. I would suggest either of the following:

    1) Lockit Horizontal
    2) Batignolles Horizontal
    3) Neverfull PM or MM
    4) Popincourt Haut
  12. batignolles horizontal, popincourt haut, cabas piano, or the tulum (looks like both pm and gm can be shouldered).
  13. i would go with cabas piano, BH or neverfull MM.
  14. Go for the neverfull PM.
  15. The Popincourt haut! It's a very nice bag and it holds a lot!