Shoulder bag that actually stays on your shoulder?

  1. Is there any Coach shoulder bag that actually stays on your shoulder?
  2. Abigail
  3. I have the tribeca tote(Chainlink) and it stays perfectly
  4. kristin pinnacle laila,abigail,large sophia
  5. I don't like structured handles, all of my bag stay on my shoulder (legacy, chelsea, zoe, carly etc)
  6. Pinnacle Allie
  7. old style kristin hobo
  8. My pinnacle allie, braided editorial zoe, and xl carly all stay on my shoulder perfectly. :smile:
  9. Penelope (mff) stays on my shoulder very well.
  10. This^^. The wide soft leather strap stays put and is comfortable!
  11. Fantastic shoulder bag that stays put always
  12. Wow! I didn't realize so many stayed on the shoulder. Thanks for all the posts!!
  13. My Kristin hobo and Zoe stay on the shoulder best.
  14. Oh, and I forgot, my Hamptons hobo stays perfectly!
  15. Glam tote, patent maggie, Abby, signature tote

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