Shoulder Bag - Suggestions Please!!!

  1. I am looking for a shoulder bag, and have not had the best of luck finding "the one." I recently purchased the Batignolles Vertical, but found the straps to be too short (the bag came too far up under my arm to be comfey). I am returning it to eLux tomorrow, and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for a roomy shoulder bag with longer straps. I have also tried the Luco tote and didn't like the bag up so far under my arm as well (the Luco was a bit stiff, too). Any suggestions would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much!
  2. Hmmm...

    Cabas mezzo
    Batignolles Horizontal (longer straps than the vertical)

    Those are my suggestions. :smile:
  3. i'd have to say bh or cabas mezzo too
  4. i have the Batignolles Horizontal and Popincourt Haut, and either one of them would make great shoulder bags
  5. Damier Highbury is a beautiful purse. Its really not a tote type purse, but so beautiful - I tried one on. And I also tried on the lock-its, it just wasn't me. I was happy when I got to go to Louis Vuitton, and see things on me rather just on-line. I love the MC Lodge in MC White, and I love the Epi Petit Noe in Black, and of course love the MC Black Petit Noe. I've been wanting a shoulder purse also. And I tried on the Popincourt Haut - for me personally, I would prefer one strap. I do love the purses like the BH, lock-its, but on others..I now know from trying them on.

    I tried on the Tulum GM and PM, but they were not for me. I know I would of loved the Croissant purses, but here, they are discontinued.

    I couldn't try on the BH - because they were sold out. What I love about the shoulder purses I tried on above, it was only one strap. And a bit wider strap that felt great on. I did try on the MC Black Eliza - its a beautiful purse. The Damier Highbury purse was bigger than I expected. Meanwhile, Battignolles Vertical and Lock-it purses were smaller. And the cute Vernis Reade is so cute and so much smaller than I expected. I hope you find the right shoulder purse. I don't know what one I will decide on either. :shame:
  6. I forgot to add, I did like the Tikal PM. Its small, but a nice shoulder purse.
  7. Batignolles Horizontal or Lockit Horizontal.
  8. Petite noe!!
  9. I agree with bernz.
    The cabas mezzo is my absolute favorite especially if you prefer something that is zippered.

    The BH is comfy and cute but only has a clip to close it.

    Either one is a fantastic choice!
  10. Definitely the Petite Noe. The shoulder drop on it is just what you're looking for. It looks great and holds a ton.
  11. BH, Lockit Horizontal or Cabbas Piano/Mezzo.
  12. i'd go for the cabas mezzo =)

  13. I'm normally a handbag person and I've never really been into shoulder bags but I decided when I was about to get my second LV bag that I would get a shoulder bag.

    I went to the boutique and I swear I tryed on every shoulder bag there and I ended up going with the last bag the SA brought me, the Mono Petit Noé. It was perfect for me!!! I'm tall (6'0") and not on the slim side so it's hard for me to find a shoulder bad that fits nicely under my arm, and the Petit Noé was just right! It's casual and it comes in many different styles, not just the mono....

    There's one thick shoulder strap that's adjustable and does not slip off my shoulder. The Petit has tons of room, I can hold more in my Petit Noé than my speedy 30.

    I know some people are concerned about the drawstring closure but I've had no problem with it. I normally just keep it untied but pull the string if I want the top more closed.

    Good luck in your search.
  14. Hmmm .... I would try the Lockit Horizontal or the Batignolles Horizontal. :yes:
  15. Illovo MM! It has one strap and stays put on the shoulder, it holds as much as a speedy 25 and still fits nicely on the shoulder!