shoulder bag suggestion

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  1. ok, i want a shoulder bag for vegas (and i guess for other times) and i don't want to spend over a grand.

    first i was thinking, oh, a pochette would be perfect. cute, small, blah blah. but also, for the price, its so small, i could spend a bit more and get something bigger.

    then i saw recital. shoulder bag, it a bit old??

    then i was thinking - i really like the white epi, and a pappilon is nice, but i hear its a pain to have on shoulder because of the shape. thoughts?
  2. something that's relatively cheap but very functional would be montorgueil.. very roomy and practical... pochette seems too small and recital seems too old (to me). papilon is nice but isn't it a bit on the small side? unless you don't carry much with you.
  3. no, i carry a lot. maybe the pap is a bad idea. i'll look into the motorgueil, thanks!
  4. I second the montorguiel!

    or how about the mono med looping?
  5. If you like white epi, maybe Madeleine PM? Or GM if you want a big tote.
  6. The new Tahitienne totes hold a lot and cost about $1000.
  7. How about a white Epi Petit Noe? It's $1070 (but that's still less than the Soufflot/Epi Papillon). It's very convenient to use, fits a lot of stuff and will satisfy your white Epi craving.

    I think the Recital is a little bit old and it doesn't fit very much.
  8. I agree - the Montorgueil (both PM and GM) are priced less than most of the other large mono collection bags.
  9. I vote Montorgueil.... really really practical, with a zip. If I hadn't bought a preloved Petit Noe (also a great shoulder bag) then I'd definitely have gotten a Monty!
  10. I suggest either the Monty, The BH or the Neverfull
  11. i think you should det a petite noe in monogram canvas i think that is under 1000? =) i think the petite noe is the best shoulder bag
  12. actually, the thing that keeps catching my eye, now that i think about it, is the tivoli.

    i almost bought a preloved epi petite noe the other day but then thought maybe it wasn't that cute? (dh said it looked like a sac...stupid boy) hahahaha

    maybe i should get one anyways? heehee
  13. Montorguiel as a shoulder bag - Tivoli PM as a handheld...
  14. The Tivoli is great, but the PM does not fit over the shoulder and the GM is $1250. But if you are willing to go a bit over your initial price, the GM is fabulous!
  15. how about the palermo?