Shoulder bag recommendations

  1. I'm looking for a new shoulder bag. Things get lost in my Noe and there's not enough room in my Jeune Fillle.

    I thought I was set on the Batignolles but it isn't really a shoulder bag. I wish they made the Batignolles with longer handles! The BH and BV look more like tote bags to me.

    What else would you recommend that has these characteristics:
    • mono canvas
    • long enough straps to be a shoulder bag
    • roomy but not so big that it looks like a briefcase or tote bag
    • no zipper on top, and if there's a flap, no buckle that has to be buckled
    • d-ring to hold keys
    • a place where my cell phone won't get lost
    It can be a current or discontinued item. I have always like St. Cloud (I know it doesn't fit all my criteria, but it's cute!) but am not sure it would be any roomier than Jeune Fille. Maybe I need to get a new, slimmer wallet... Hmmm....

    Any recommendations appreciated!
  2. What about..
    Vavin GM

    Tikal GM

    Viva Cite MM

    Looping MM
  3. Batignolles Horizontal

  4. The Tulum is a great shoulder bag. I have one.
  5. I think the vavin gm or petit bucket fit your criteria. Neither have zippers nor look like totes. Good luck!
  6. Oh, that Tulum GM is cute! I wish it had a flap over the top instead of a zipper...

    Sandra, I keep coming back to the Batignolles. Do you think the BV looks less like a tote than the BH?
  7. The petit bucket definitely meets your criteria. There is a D ring, a pocket (2 actually, one zips, the other doesn't) for your cell phone, no zipper, it's mono, doesn't look like a tote, carried on the shoulder, and it even comes with a small pochette inside. But then again, I'm a bit biased, I just got one and I love it!
  8. The Tulum GM is the bag for you! I wear it as a messenger more than a shoulder bag but it seems to meet your criteria totally.
  9. The petit bucket seems to meet your criteria...


    Plus I think it's adorable!
  10. I thought we were talking about the lock it bags???
  11. never mind me ladies.:Push:
  12. I have been struggling with this same thing for the last MONTH....I just really took a look at the Tulum GM and was like OMG. Adjustable strap. Elongreach can you tell me more about it. I was looking at the Hudson as well. To many options :hysteric: I am pulling my hair out right now!!!
  13. Ok, now I am stuck between the petit bucket, the vavin GM, and the Batignolles. Decisions, decisions!

    What does the GM, PM, MM, etc. after style names mean?
  14. It indicates the size, GM is largest and PM the smallest, MM is medium
  15. GM = big model
    MM = medium
    PM = small