Shoulder Bag Question

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  1. I went the other day to try on the Batnignolles Horizontal and felt like the straps were short. I have long arms and was wearing a bulky coat and scarf. The SA was being impatient so I did not really try to make it fit. The only other shoulder bag I have is the MM Looping and that fits fine. Just wondering if the BH straps are short or if I just needed to take off my coat?

  2. the Batignolles Horizontal fits on my shoulder very comfortably with my coat on, so it should fit you just fine too
  3. I beleave they are 10 inches. They are even a bit long for me
  4. mine fits fine with my coat and even a sweater and i am not a thin girl.
  5. It should be fine - I'm not thin either and it fit me with a coat. I hate it when SAs are like that!
  6. I figured the coat, sweather, scarf and another purse may have affected the feel. I will try again.
  7. Are the batignolles horizental straps the same length as the vertical? I ask because I wore this bag to the grocery store today and yes, it does fit comfortably, but one of the two straps would fall down occasionally and drive me nuts. I wonder if a bag with a touch longer strap would be better for me.
  8. If you don't like BH, try Petit Noe since strap is adjustable or the Tulum GM which is also adjustable. I have the BH and the Petit Noe. The BH fits fine on me even with a coat. I'm 5'3". Good luck!