Shoulder bag opinion...tulum vs. looping-help!!

  1. Does anybody have either of these or any good advice???Help please;)
  2. I'd go with Tulum PM... because it not only looks better, the shoulder strap is more comfortable than that of the Looping.
  3. Lol..I was thinking the same thing when I saw the thread title, isis!
  4. Tulum. Looping looks so uncomfortable!
  5. LOL, Rebecca! :yahoo:
  6. Tulum GM. The strap is adjustable from long to short. The Looping looks extremely uncomfortable and it's narrow. The Tulum can hold lots of stuff plus has a pretty turnlock.
  7. Tulum PM vote here!!!
  8. I personally don't like the tulum, don't know why. But I agree that the looping looks awkward. So I guess I'm no help at all, so why am I posting? *sigh*
  9. I own a tulum pm, that is a christmas gift from my boyfriend. It is a very nice bag, I love the shape, and the size is just perfect, you can put a lot of stuff in it, yet still ladylike.
  10. Looping strap hurts. Trust me, the mini looping was my 1st purchase, and probably one of the bags I use least often for that reason.
  11. I have the Looping and I'm loving it... but that's just me though. =)
  12. ITA
  13. Tulum PM for sure!! So pretty!
  14. Definitely the Tulum. It's my favorite LV bag! I have a mini loop, doesn't quite sit right. The Tulum is super easy to carry on your shoulder
  15. I like the Tulum better than the Looping because its something different. I see an equal amount of Loopings and Speedy's when I go out and the Tulum is a bag I rarely see. :yes: