Shoulder bag for me...suggestions!

  1. I want to buy a new bag, preferably a shoulder one.
    I am a mom and I'm tired of having my Deauville hanging on my wrist while holding my kids' hands.
    I would prefer one with not too much vacchetta (I already have the vacchetta of the Deauville that hocks a lot me).

    Neverfull? (witch size? I'm 1,62 x 46 kg)
  2. What about the BH/BV? Most of the ladies on tpf seem to LOVE them!
  3. Love the BV/BH, great solution. Hampstead MM or GM, great plaque on the front and no vachetta leather! The MM is my next boutique buy I think. It fits me very well as a shoulder bag.
  4. BH!!!! I have it and I love it!!
  5. I have the Neverful and love it, but there is one thing I do not like: the open top. When I am in a crowd I feel not very happy with it and if it topples over one can loose things. How about the Noe or Petit Noe (still plenty of room for toys AND you things), the Saleya MM in damier or the Tivoli or Palermo?
  6. How about the new Tivoli GM?
  7. BH, Popincourt Haut, Recital are my favs
  8. Madeleine GM or PM! :smile: GM if you prefer the bigger size
  9. How about neo cabby GM or MM in black denim? The handles are black so they won't show the wear and it has an additional shoulder strap and lots of room.