Shoulder bag dilemma... please help!

  1. I recently purchased an absolutely beautiful monogram canvas Luco tote, and am in love with the bag. I wanted a larger bag with shoulder straps, since most of my other LV's are hand-held. Well, I took it out the other day for the first time, and it really hurt my shoulders. :crybaby: It was also a little large under my arm. My question is, can anyone recommend a better shoulder bag, or should I keep the Luco and just grin and bear it? What do you think about the Batignolles Vertical as a roomy shoulder bag? Should I trade? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!
  2. I like the Batignolles way better than the Luco :yes:
    I tried her on once and she's gorgeous!
  3. what about a saleya mm???
    I've heard is very confy over the shoulder
  4. Can you still exchange it? I think the Batignolles Verticle is roomy and comfortable because of the flat straps. But any large size tote is unbearable when stuffed with too many items.
  5. thats fabulous to know! ive been considering one!
  6. I would prefer the Batignolles Vertical! and it is so much cuter!
  7. I also like the Batignolles Vertical - but get the bag that you love the most.
  8. Thank you for your suggestions! I purchased the Luco on eBay from a My Poupette Recommended Seller, and think that I will list it on eBay myself, and then purchase the BV on eLux. Thanks again for the input!
  9. I recommend the batignolles horizontal. It's my favorite shoulder bag! I've had mine for just over a year and still love it!
  10. What about the LH? The Lockit is stunning!!
  11. I'd recommend the BV..I think the Saleya's straps might be a little uncomfy.
  12. agree!
  13. I just bought the BH last night. I originally went into buy the BV. I liked the way it looked better on Elux but when I got to the store and tried them both on I liked the BH better than the BV
  14. Vote for BV
  15. I like the BV.................The Luco is very cute, but if it isnt comfy, dont wear it..............I also like the Sayala MM!!