Shoulda spared my shoes and skipped the party


Jan 29, 2006
Oh well, party fouls happen, right?

I was just at a friend's company's Christmas party where an extremely drunk girl (who was running around barefoot) spilled an enormous, sugary pink cocktail all over my pant legs and light-tan Jimmy Choo pumps, effectively ruining both. :s

She actually didn't notice that she had spilled all over me and immediately started wiping liquid off the floor without apologizing to me. I didn't make a scene and felt I took it pretty graciously. I just dabbed myself up and continued along the party.

I am pissed, though.

Thanks for letting me vent. :shame:
Oh that is horrible! I am so sorry that happened to you. I would have been pissed too. And I think you handled that very well. Do you think that the shoes can be cleaned?
That is such bad office etiquette to be drunk at an office party. I hate people who goes all out over free booze at our staff parties. It's so unclassy! Your friend should let that girl know what she did, that way she'll think before she drinks.
ahhhh honey, that sucks big time. Especially as the party doesnt seem like it was fun either. I hope that the choos dry out ok and that the pants can be cleaned ok :sad:
I think a party foul is one thing but being inappropriate and rude is another. You handled yourself very graciously and I honestly think that if the shoes are ruined you should inform the woman and request the money for replacement. That type of behaviour is not acceptable and she should be aware of the damage. That's just my opinion - people need to start being held accountable for their actions.
ugh, my dear, you're much classier and more restrained than i.

i'd have taken off my shoe and whacked her with it.

but seriously, can't people act like adults? does the slightest indication of free alcohol really make grown women act like they're college freshman with their first fake IDs again? is this what i have to look forward to when i graduate? running around drunk at an office party without her shoes?

i'd have smacked her with my shoe just for being an idiot.
Oh no! Not the Jimmy Choos. I've got a huge fetish for them right now. I would have kicked her behind if it were me. A 500 dollar pair of shoes that you quite possibly have ruined? It's so worth me hurting you.