Should your wristlet match your bag?

  1. Hello everyone. I bought my very first coach bag, ergo signature large hobo in brass/khaki/mahogany last month. I've been dying for a wristlet, there is the ergo leather wristlet but it doesn't come in khaki/mahogany. So my question is, should the wristlet have to match my bag? If not, which wristlet do you think I should go for?
  2. i like to use a wristlet that complements the bag, but contrasts enough so that if I'm digging in my bag i can find it easily. For example, I use my silver wristlet in my black coach makes it a lot easier pulling it out of my bag.
  3. Each of my handbags have a wristlet and mini skinny that matches them.

    However, all my stuff goes together, so I can easily mix and match and it not look clashy!
  4. It doesn't havw to match exactly. Then again it doesn't have to match at all.
    It's all up to what you what and how you like it.
    Me personally, as long as it's the same color or a color that compliments my bag I'm fine with it.
    I think the one that handbag helen recommended would work good.
  5. mix & matching is alot of fun when you open your bag in look inside. I agree with the other comments, as long as it compliments the bag that you have you will love it.
  6. I would like something BRIGHT in my bag so a wristlet would be nice :smile:

    I think as long as it goes with.. it works.
  7. I mix and match.
  8. IMO get whatever wristlet you like best. I don't like to be matchy matchy with bags and accessories. If you really want the ergo wristlet, I would get it in turquoise.
  9. i mix and match ALL the time
  10. I mix and match - can't spend that much time transferring everything - spend too much time as it is deciding which purse to take. :shrugs:
  11. wear whatever you love! if it matches, great, if not, great. whatever you love is what is best!
  12. I mix and match. Right now I have a silver leather wristlet in my pond legacy shoulder. Looks fun !