Should your Doctor be obligated to report you to the DMV For bad eyesight ?

  1. I know the DMV have there own testing, but if your MD had any concerns should he be obligated to report it to the DMV ?

    What are your thoughts ?

    I'm just curious.
  2. Absolutely. If a doctor sees that your level of eyesight is unsafe for driving, then it is his obligation to inform the DMV.
  3. Yes, and I think they are...I know they are for the elderly (at least in CA).
  4. Yeah the doctor should. for the person's saftey and everyone else's.
  5. I don't think they would need to in my case. The DMV where I live is notorious for requiring that people be able to read that teensy little E and that sort of blurry rectangle underneath it, which according to their quaint and primitive beliefs, may contain letters.
  6. YES!!

    I actually totaled a car awhile back because some reallly old guy (90+) was driving his station wagon...I was going through an intersection on a green light...he just turned left right in front of me!!

    The police told me that based on how badly damaged my car was, they were shocked that we were not seriously injured/killed.

    Maybe if a doctor would have reported his terrible eyesight, he would not have been on the road...
  7. I just took my drivers exam and i couldnt read ANY of the words.
  8. Personally, I think yes.
  9. Doctors have enough to do!

    It would be totally impractical to call the DMV everytime someone with bad vision came along! It's the responsibility of the DMV to make sure that they do not issue DLs inappropriately.
  10. NO!
    the only time i can't drive is at night because my eyes are too bad. (im 21).
    but, as far as i would understand, there would be no way to make me NOT drive at night and only have that restriction...i would be horribly afraid of losing my license...
  11. You must live in NC!!?? When I first moved there I totally flunked the DMV eye exam due to a non-correctable astygmatism (sp?) in my left eye. They would not give me a drivers' license until I brought them a note from an eye doctor stating that the condition is not correctable by glasses. Coincidentally enough, there was an eye doc located in the same strip mall as the lil DMV office so I was able to trot over there, have my eye exam, and return to DMV clutching my note all in the same day.
  12. Heck yeah! My dad just had a cataract removed. His dr said that he wouldn't have passed the vision test for the dmv with the cataract. He lived with that for years and it kept getting worse. My dad was driving, and he shouldn't have been!!!! We had no idea his vision was so poor.
  13. Wow, I am amazed that people who have poor vision still decide to drive and intentionally put the lives of others around them at risk. A bit of 'personal' responsibility is surely not too much to expect?!
  14. Altough not correctable by glasses, surgery can take care of it and you should not drive if you can't see properly.
  15. I am apalled:wtf: