Should your bag match ??

  1. How many of you girls are still matching your bags with what you're wearing ?? Bags to shoes and/or bags to clothing ?? How do you choose which bag you're going to carry ? Anyone change bags frequently ??
  2. I must admit I still pay attention to what I'm wearing when choosing what bag to carry. I'm not as bad as I once was. I've added a lot of colorful bags to my collection instead of just shades of brown and black. However, when wearing a colorful bag I keep the clothes pretty neutral. I've gotten away from matching shoes with bags though. I change my bag at least twice a day sometimes three times a day. It depends on where I'm going. I have bags I use for work and bags for everyday casual wear. If I'm dressing up to go out for dinner etc. I'll change my bag to one of my evening bags.
  3. I couldn't be bothered to change my bag several times a DAY like Kat, but possibly several times a week depending on what I wear. Yes, I prefer to carry a bag that at least marginally goes with what I wear, or is a good accent. (Like I wouldn't carry a navy bag with a brown sweater, but I might carry another color that goes with brown).
  4. I try to consider my clothing in relation to my bag, but I don't take that too literally. for example, tomorrow I am going to wear a black top with a black and ivory printed skirt. I'll wear black leather sandals with that, but I will not carry my black Coach hobo. I'll probably carry my green Kooba again, because I think it will pop against the black and white outfit.

    I do take the style of the bag into consideration too. For example, I just bought the Botkier Bombay satchel, but haven't worn it yet because I think that such an edgy bag needs an equally edgy, rock n roll look to compliment it.
  5. Most of my outfits go with most of my bags. If I'm wearing something really colorful/bold, I switch my purse to something more neutral. Other than that, it's not a big deal to me.
  6. I change bags every day to go with what I'm wearing. I love my bags so I want to rotate as often as possible so I get to "see" all of them on a regular basis.
  7. Yes, I do. I carry my colourful bags with simple outfits and vice versa. Occationally, I even match my shoes & bag, but not that often.
  8. i changed my bags to fit the style of my wardrobe.
    it's a basic thing to do ;)
  9. I'm horrible - I usually pick my outfits to match the purse that I want to use for that day. So I usually try and tie it in somehow. And I try and change my handbag everyday.
  10. I usually match my bag to my shoes or clothes, even though I don't change it everyday.
    Sometimes I choose what to wear on the basis of the bag I want to carry - if I choose my red bag I'll wear something red, etc...
  11. I don't change bags everyday. I fly by my mood: when I get bored of one bag, I move to another in the holding station (closet)! Does it match my clothes? I couldn't care less as long as it matches my mood!
  12. I switch bags a few times a week.. sometimes a few times a day (from work to going out).

    I have lots of colorful ones that would look silly with certain other colors or bright outfits. Like if I'm wearing green, I can't carry a red purse because I'll look like an xmas ornament!
  13. ^ ITA this totally describes me too:smile:
  14. I pretty much have black and brown bags. I usually wear black or brown to work with occasional colors. I change bags every few days I guess. Usually if I'm casual I just use the same bag I've been using unless I go out or something.
  15. My bag always matches - sometimes I match the clothes to match the bag. It all depends on what I want to wear or what I want to carry. That is the fun of having a choice of bags! Aren't we all lucky!!?