Should you have bought ...

  1. :crybaby:I hope I'm not the only one that regrets passing, not buying or waiting too long to buy a certain LV ... so my question is ... which bag/bags or accesories do you regret not buying because now it's discontinued or hard to find? :cursing:
    Mine are:
    -vernis reade pm and french purse in purple and indigo
    -cerrises speedy and cles
    -aubergine onatah leather
    -suhali le talentueux and hobo(I think; it's discontinued) in plum
    -suhali compact zippe in plum
    -denim baggy gm in lichen
    -vernis brentwood, cles and agenda in framboise

    okay, that's enough whining:crybaby: ... any one else have any regrets?
  2. YEP! Indigo vernis reade :drool: it was so pretty! but i kept thinking but it doesnt have a zip but i wish i bought it now!
  3. More Framboise vernis pieces. I have the small ring agenda and cles but now that it's getting hard to find I really regret not getting more vernis in Framboise. I absolutely LOVE the color!!

    I saw a great deal on a Panda Pochette in great condition which I passed on and now I always think about it....
  4. ^ I live in the UK and the other week they had a Framboise pochette wallet!
    It's soo pretty! I don't know if they still have it though.
  5. i wish i'd bought the Multicolore Eye Love You Sac Retro in white :crybaby:. now i'm reduced to waiting for it to appear on eBay or let-trade :mad:

    also, i wish i'd bought the Cuir Embossé Stephen in Ivory. i couldn't decide between that and the Polly, but in the end i went with the Polly because that was what i could find. and now i can't find the Stephen anymore :hysteric:
  6. A Graffiti speedy...I wanted a brand new silver one!
  7. maybe you should:graucho: go get it
  8. For me it's the entire line of Cherry Blossoms...but back in 2003 I wouldn't have been able to afford it. If it were available I would buy the WHOLE SET!! Papillon, Retro, Address book, cles, pochettes (in all three colours), PTI, porte monnaie plat in assorted colours...maybe not the wish bracelets. I would've bought the Papillon in creme, Retro in pink, and maybe even another papillon in brown...*sigh*
  9. graffiti pieces for sure. in 2001 there would have been no way to afford it- i love that line. and maybe a robert wilson piece, the windows were beautiful that holiday season. and oh yeah! a murakami eye bag! ugh... i'm going to stop now. enough whining for me too.
  10. Anything in the Vienna line, especially the Mizi!!!!
  11. Oh, and a cream/red CB piece!
  12. Cherry blossom pieces.. but in those days, I would have never DREAMED that I would one day own as many pieces as now !
  13. Pretty much all of the Cherry Blossom pieces
    Cerise Speedy & Cles
    White MC Speedy when it was only like $1500!
    Framboise Vernis Cles
    Black & White Inclusion Speedy Key Rings
    Mono Jack & Lucie Key Ring
    Monogram Ambre Bucket PM
    Monogram Theda GM
  14. too many to count... cherry blossom range, vernis indigo, jack and lucie keyring.... i can go on and on i think :push:
  15. I really wish I had bought the miroir speedy! I still want one!