Should you get LV bags from eBay that is purchased in S.Korea?

  1. I saw a discontinued LV bag on eBay. I wanted it..but I HAVE to do my research before I hit that BID button. Frankly, Im very comfortable and feel always felt better when I purchase my LVs at the LV store nationwide but since some LVs bags, I like have been discontinued, I pretty much can get them at eBay.

    So, I asked an eBay seller regarding a discontinued Saumur 35/45 (The larger one)..The Saumur 35, got sold, approx $455+ to other poor bidder (I feel its not worth bidding on that much, since the bag was 23 years old bag, repaired, refurbished..etc..So I passed on that one. Big Relief). Then the Saumur 45 came..I researched and researched again and apparently was told by the seller that it was purchased in S. Korea.

    Major doubt!

    I checked the pics, re-checked again..kinda looked good to me. The seller claimed it was Authentic..but my intuition and inner self was telling me..DO NOT BUY ANY ITEM THAT IS BOUGHT OR CAME FROM ANYWHERE IN ASIA..fearing it would be fake. (Since Korea made fakes are as close as the real thing...I heard.)

    SO..I PASSED IT UP. I figured..I'd RATHER buy it at the store and feel better about my purchase on a newer, modern version or whatever new arrivals the GREAT LV would come up next! ;)

    What do you think?
  2. Silly!

    When I purchase used Louis Vuitton, I always look to asian sellers first. Their prices are usually alot cheaper then North American sellers, and sometimes have good deals on bags that are pretty beat up, but good for those errand days.

    It's a weird generalization/assumption you'd make that just because fakes come from Asia, that a seller based out of there, or a bag purchased in a asian city would automatically be fake.
  3. I prefer to buy bags from US sellers (with careful research and asking a few questions to the seller of course) but I would be okay with buying bags from reputable sellers from Asia (ex. let-trade) :yes:.
  4. Your doubt is justified. But you have to remember as well that so many asian HATE fakes. I agree asian sellers can offer cheaper price compare to US sellers. Let-trade is great.
  5. Yes, Let-Trade is great - he is the one seller I check daily for new listings. Also, his prices are negotiable!
  6. personally i think some sellers fr asia are alright, esp those fr hk. but i think s. korea.... hmmmm. personally i wld steer clear. if you are not sure, it's better not to bid. i've heard stories about AAAA++++ grade fakes tt look very real. (no offence to anyone here tho').
  7. Thanks for your input. What about Let-Trade? Is that an eBayer?
    I'll check it out.

    BTW..No offense on the Asian generalization of fakes. I know a few colleagues of mine who have been burned by eBayers from Asia and great looking fakes out there.

    I was in Beijing, Shanghai and other Asian cities a couple of years in a row and the prices of LV are'nt that different than the LV U.S. store prices. I know..because I came to LV store in Manila, PH (I even brought my calculator/currency conversion device..hehehe Geeek!)
    The prices were pretty much the same or maybe very close to it.
    (Did'nt buy any though...:oh: )

    Thanks for your input.
  8. Let-trade is great because she offers great prices, she probably work at LV to have such good deals, they better watch their employees.
  9. i think buying from eBAY is not very safe, doesn't matter if You buy from Asian EBayers or from US traders. My friend who goes to Shangahi says she always saw a lot of Westerners buying fake branded stuff at local markets !
    I would prefer to buy LV at stores.
  10. Oh yes it's better to avoid ebay, and please forget about poupette reseller , this lady got LV after her because she has no authority on telling if something is auth or not from the fact that she has no relation with louis vuitton, she had no other choice to stop selling her guide and services on ebay. Just don't risk yourself on ebay. If you want to buy online safely go on
  11. I was always under the impression that most of the stuff from let*trade was being sold on consignment since a lot of it is "pre-owned"
    I don't think that it's a LV employee passing off goods on ebay.

    Also, it would be impossible to always buy straight from vuitton or elux, especially if you're looking for something from a line that's already been discontinued, as the OP mentioned.
  12. Louis Vuitton has a test department , bags are suppose to go to destruction. Maybe not lol. Anyway you are right Im looking for a graffiti speedy and I have no other choices than searching on ebay. I will ask her if by any chance she has one.
  13. If it's a seller not in the US, I check if they're Mypoupette sellers. And then I post pics here for feedback. I prefer US sellers to avoid custom and shipping hassles but the only LV I have purchased on eBay came from HK.
  14. I am 99% sure that Let-Trade is a consignment shop.
  15. that's what i thought as well. :oh: