Should you exfoliate before or after waxing ?

  1. ???
  2. I'm not sure you'd need to at all, but I'd only ever do it before.
  3. thanks :smile: I just bought a body brush and want to st tropez my legs too, reckon it's too much for one day?
  4. Before I think. It can remove any trapped hairs. But after I personally wouldn't, not because you can't just out of routine, 1st exfoliate, 2nd Shower, 3rd wax or shave :smile:
  5. thank you! :smile:
  6. you should also exfoliate between waxing/shaving! it helps with preventing ingrown hairs :yes:
  7. I would exfoliate the day before a waxing. Then the next day exfoliate and then apply the self tanner.
  8. Exfoliate & wax/shave the day before tanning after tanning body brush and moisturise every day
  9. agree with simmmchen.
    exfoliate between waxing will prevent ingrown hair.
    i got this tip from my bf :blush:
  10. exfoliate with before AND after waxing according to the lady who yanks my hair out.
  11. After you wax you must wait about 3 hours before you shower. And the water has to be about luke warm not so hot. You can start exfoliating 48 hours after your wax. Then you can exfoliate as much as you want after that until your next wax.