Should Whiskey Legacy Leather have black marks on it?

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  1. Are there supposed to be black marks in the whiskey leather? Thanks
  2. Unfortunately a lot of the whiskey legacy leather bags have anything from little black dots to larger spots. But not all of them do. At the bags I looked at the outlet, it looked like 50% or so.
  3. Ok and would you keep a bag if you could tell it was conditioned with something? There is white residue all over the strap that I don't know if it will rub off or not and in the stitching in the back pocket of it?
  4. Wow I didnt know that. I guess I got lucky w/my whiskey Ali from eBay then - there are no black marks on it.
  5. I have little black dots on my Ali, and all of the SA's I ask say it's just a characteristic of the whisky colored leather.
  6. My whiskey Mandy doesn't have any spots but I have heard that this is normal of the whiskey bags.
  7. It's quite common but if you are lucky you can get the one with no dark spots :tup:
  8. I have a couple of tiny marks, mostly where the hardware under the flap hits the body of the bag. I was told this was totoally normal for the leather.
  9. I have a Whiskey Mandy with none but had a whiskey shoulder bag with small black dots which I though look more distressed.
  10. My Lily had little black freckles all over it. For the price of the bag, I didn't get it with PCE either, I returned it. The spots just bothered me. None of my other Legacy whiskey bags have the black spotting.
  11. My Mandy and satchel both did and so does my Lily. But it isn't covered...
  12. I have a whiskey Ali, no spots or marks. I didn't realize that this was a characteristic of this leather.
  13. My clay shoulder bag has ONE small black dot on the back pocket... it's weird, but there nonetheless. Thankfully it's on the back so it doesn't bother me. And it is VERY tiny.
  14. My whiskey french wallet has one little black spot on it, but my whiskey Gigi hasn't had a single one so far, and it's MASSIVE. Don't know why that is ... in any case, these spots do happen.
  15. Same with a whiskey shoulder zip - had to take it back.