Should We Tuck Our Jeans in Our Boots ?

  1. LOVE the first pic...I love that look on a slim gal with skinny jeans...DARLING. The second one made me laugh...thigh highs are just frightening.
  2. Oy. Pretty Woman flashback with those awful thigh high boots. Eva looks fab, and if you can pull it off like that, more power to you!
  3. Last time I was in Paris, it was skinny jeans tucked into boots everywhere, with boho/tunic-y tops.
  4. I think it looks cute on the right person. I think I'm way too short to get away with it.

    The thigh highs and the light colored jeans look so 80's. :yucky:
  5. Tucked in.
  6. This is more of a fall look, very popular last season.
  7. It makes me feel like a chubby landlubber pirate, but you if you can get away with it go for it. Although maybe not in the summer...
  8. I'm psyched b/c I just realized that I'll be able to tuck my cute new COH calf length capris into my boots this fall:smile: My boots that hit below the knee, of course. NOT those thight highs, what a hoot!
  9. i love seing them tucked in on girls. i see it everywhere i thought it was popular??
    i don't wear boots cos if i did i'd want to be able to fit into skinny jeans and then tuck them in.

    but otherwise i think it looks HOT tucked in.
  10. LOL! Me too. Or an elf. I love the look, though, as long as you're not tucking them into cowboy boots. Jeans should always be worn outside of cowboy boots, lest you be labeled a Dude (as in wanna-be-a-cowboy, Dude Ranch dude, not "dude-where's-my-car" dude).
  11. Its very popular & chic here in NYC :heart:
  12. Sorry, but never, ever. The only way I would be caught (dead) tucking my jeans in my boots is if the boots were rubber, and I was wading in the river. Just seems a bit too forced, to me (especially if you're over 20). :hrmm:
  13. I'm not a fan of the "thigh high boots" look. I don't think i've seen anyone actually look good with those boots in real life. But i love love love the skinny jeans tucked into knee high boots. I'm definitely still loving my knee high boots and my skinny jeans specially with winter coming up here in Sydney :smile: