Should we trust Lovinmybags any more

  1. Oh boy......such a shame. Sorry you have to go through this headache. Such a hassle and inconvenience not to mention a waste of your valuable time.

    Please keep us updated.

    I haven't used LMB but thought she had rave reviews years ago when tPF just got off the ground. What a pity.
  2. She sent me the return label but said "some stains might be tick marks" I'm a little concerned...
  3. tick marks on the bag.... what on earth does that mean? Post a picture of your bag here before sending it off. We'll be able to tell you whether the job that was done was acceptable or not.
  4. sorry, my misunderstanding. I hadnt read that it was brand new.
  5. Are LMB members on here?... maybe they should speak up and explain what they done, or didnt do as the case may be.
  6. Yes, I am pretty sure Barbara has a user ID on here.

    OP, please post pictures of your bag. I think it would be helpful for those of us who are following your story to be able to give you better input on the actual condition of the bag from a objective/outsiders point of view. :smile:
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    The bag was bought two years ago but only used 5 times. It was in perfect condition other than the stain on front, before I used their products and the restoration.

    Here are before pictures.
    the front stain was small and was made worse by LMB cleaner, that may be my fault not knowing what to use and how to use.
    the dark lines on the back lines was not obvious, there are also two water marks caused by the cleaner when I tried to clean the stain on front. Those are accidents.

    None of these are obvious. You need to know where to look to notice. And my camera did a pretty bad job.
    overall front.JPG overall back.JPG
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    After the restoration:
    They did fix the dark lines.

    I Can't picture the fact that the bag is sticky now.

    Some pictures showing the main problems: (there are more problems here and there all over the bag now)
    1.The stain on the front wasn't treated at all, 2.the white mark when I unfolded the bag, 3. a yellow mark 4. scratches 5. a scratch with black color and some red paints
    original stain 1 on front not treated at all.JPG white mark 1 when I unfolded the bag ( mark 3 is above mark 1).JPG new stain on bottom.JPG two white spots may be scrathes on back.JPG new scratch and red marks on front.JPG
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    And unfortunately I don't have the before pic for these spots. How would I know that the restoration will put on new damages... But I noticed those damages the first minute I opened the box so I am 100% sure they are new, otherwise I would have asked Barbara to fix those

    Barbara did tell me she will examine everything closely ask her husband to take care of everything this time. So they do wants to be responsible. But agian, my concern is whether they are able to "see" the issues, since they missed the stain the first time...

    And another photo showing the dusts painted on: see those small black dots? they are more obvious in person.
    black dots on back seems dust  got painted on.JPG
  10. wow. thanks for the pics.... I can see now, it looks like the bag was worked on a less than clean surface, like they had tools and marking pencils on the table? They just need to clean it free of whatever was on the workbench because it looks like smudges and stains to me possibly from other bags in contact with it as well.

    Is this something you could wipe down? It looks like the bag material can withstand a well wrung cloth.
  11. in the close up photos they are very noticeable, but from the main photos i cant see much. Maybe you need to be extremely specific to ensure they do it this time.
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    yes. In my previous correspondence I sent closeup pictures and detailed info about the stains but I guess they just ignored them. Before they sent the bag back I also asked them to refer to my previous emails and make sure all the stains are removed because i know the stains are small relative to the size of the bag. Barbara said " I don't see any stains any more" and sent the bag back.

    This time I also sent a lot of pictures and a list of issues and hopefully they read them and pay greater attention this time.

  13. They bag is very sticky and the black dots and other stuff got stuck in the protection material. And given my previous experience, I won't touch it myself this time.
  14. LeatherDoc,
    Thank you for your insight on repairs and restorations. I noticed you said there will always be some color loss on unfinished leather. Because of this, what should be used on vachetta like that found on Louis Vuitton bags? Is there any way to clean this? Or, should it be protected with something initially?
    Thanks for your advice.

  15. :shocked: