Should We Raise Minimum Wage ?

  1. Should we raise minimum wage ? Is there any good rationale, in your opinion for allowing states to opt out of the increase.?
  2. yes I do. minimum wage has not kept up with the cost of living at least in the larger metropolitan areas. the balance of the have and have-nots is very off kilter. I believe this is part of the reason the middle class is slowly being eliminated. Again, I say all this is the context of larger cities because I know there are alot of places to live in this country that are more affordable.
  3. Washington State, where I live, has the highest minimum wage in the USA ($7.63), in January, CT will be the highest at $7.65. Raising it nationally would actually LOWER it here, especially for waitstaff who receive tips. (The national MW is $5.15 right now) So in this case, States should be able opt out only in the case of a DECREASE so that workers don't lose money.
  4. Absolutely, people deserve to make a living wage, and minimum wage has not kept up with inflation.

    Econ professors in college will always go on about how the market should set the price, etc. etc., but we need to protect people from exploitation, especially immigrants (legal immigrants). So many immigrants come here not even knowing such a thing as minimum wage exists and are incredibly exploited, mostly by people of their own ethnicity, which is really sad.

    I'm embarrassed to say that Chinese restaurants are big culprits. When my parents first came to America, my mom worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and was paid $400 a month.
  5. i read somewhere that the US Poverty Income level is currently at $22,000 a year. If by California minimum wage, the annual income would come in at a little under $13,000 before taxes. How retarded. That is nearly $10k under the poverty level.. so what does that make the avg MW earning Californian, 3rd wordly??

    I do think that Cali should raise their minimum wage again.. it's been rumored to happen next year or so..

    i'm doing fine at my wage, and any raise in the current MW won't effect me too much, however it would bother me that newcomers would be making a lot more than i did at their age or their experience levels.
  6. Absolutely! For many reasons already stated.
  7. yess!! cost of living,also because I am currently making minimum wage at the daycare I work at. What I make is nothing,and I think its depressing that people in McDonald's with families are making this ammount. I just use my summer work money to buy clothing,and a new LV bag.
  8. I don't know....2 words come to mind---higher education. I don't think anyone should be trying to "live" on minimum wage. It's not like the name is misleading. I would advise anyone making MW to get an education or a trade. I cannot even fathom paying someone flipping burgers at McDonald's enough to feed a family of 4. I would rather give that money to a police officer or a teacher.

    I worked at a grocery store until I finished cosmetology school. I had cashiers more than twice my age working under me, complaining about how embarassing the pay was. I didn't even bat an eye because even more embarassing was someone that old, with no skills and no education beyond high school relying on a computer to tell her how to make change of a $10 bill.
  9. Yes, the minimum wage should be raised. Has anyone seen Morgan Spurlock's (the guy who made "Super Size Me") show on F/X called "30 Days"? On the first episode last season, he and his fiancee moved to Ohio and lived on minimum wage jobs for 30 days; eventually, he had to get a second job to make ends meet. They ended up being in the red by a few hundred dollars because the fiancee had to go to the emergency room and they didn't have health insurance. To think that there are so many families in this country working hard and still ending up in debt without spending money on luxuries just made me really sad and disappointed.
  10. You must be joking. Even if every last one of us had a Ph.D., we'd still have to have someone flipping burgers.

    One huge reason teachers are paid so little is because so many people want to be teachers. For better or worse, the path to becoming a teacher is one of the easiest: a teaching credential is ridiculously easy to get, and in my opinion, too easy. We should have higher standards for our teachers, but because we don't, more people can become teachers and competition for the jobs lowers the overall pay. If we want to raise their pay, we should also raise our standards for who can be allowed to become a teacher.
  11. No, I'm not joking.....My children--when I have them--will need an education (to not flip burgers, hopefully). We don't need a McDonald's on every corner. Sorry.

    My point, as stated in my previous post, is get an education. Get a trade. Minimum Wage is not for people to raise families. It's compensation for working. That is all.
  12. I totally understand where you're coming from. I personally think it's unfortunate someone would choose to raise a family on a minimum wage salary, too... but people don't always make the smartest decisions. I'm not sure anybody's kids should have to do without essentials because their parents made the poor choice of having them. If raising minimum wage allows families to live better lives, I'm all for it.
  13. It's a shame that people have to go without essentials because of poor choices, lack of funds and no education. What's even worse is our tax dollars are going everywhere but to these people. But, that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

    It's easy to say raise the minimum wage, but after I get taxed for that and every damn thing else, I'll be looking for a raise, too.
  14. i agree with what you said about teachers.. there are far too many STUPID IDIOT teachers out there that dont teach anything but crap! like how or why on earth did the board grant them the credentials? why can't being a teacher be as hard as a surgeon or doctor?

    and i find it incredibly true about the supply and demand of wages and jobs... flippin burgers is merely a stepping stone for those looking for experience and/or just to keep working.. no one can make a serious living off minimum wage these days.

    and for the record, imo i think i'm doing pretty well for not having a higher education past high school. pretty comparitively to my friends that have zero experience and a BS from a UC. at least i know what i'm doing with my life, unlike my friends who don't have a clue and are making almost as much as i am.
  15. I think it should be raised, but in comparison to the cost of living of each state. In Indiana where I'm at $8 would be alot for minimum wage...but in Cali it's peanuts.
    Personally...I think minimum wage jobs are kind of like starter jobs...everyone's had one and some moved on...either to educate themselves or a better job.
    For some people education is just not something they're good at or interested in. Some don't have the capabilities to finish college or even a trade school.
    Minimum wage jobs are also there to help kids put themselves through school, for retired people to work part-time and get out of the house, etc.

    What I would like to see is minimum wage employers offer better benefits for its about health care instead of a $.50 raise?