Should we just give up on eBay?

  1. Reading all of the posts here, I am convinced the odds of getting an authentic bag on eBay are relatively slim. It seems like there is no guarantee that the picture is what you will get and that even people that are power sellers or with good feeback do not guarantee getting an authentic bag.

    I see a lot of people saying they have my poupette certified - does that really mean anything?
    I am now totally spooked.
  2. some sellers will offer to meet you at a local LV store for authentication prior to purchase - I have seen some MPRS's do this on their auctions. Even if you are not in their local area, it kind of shows they are honest
  3. I'm planning to sell all my remaining Coach...beautiful bags and then no more eBay for me. I'm sick of seeing sellers ripped off, buyers ripped off and the general uneasiness associated with eBay. Many eBay members are feeling it regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller. I'm sick of seeing authentic item my friends are selling pulled and the counterfeit garbage selling. It's very frustrating. When frustrated like this I need to ask myself whether it is worth it. The answer is alway "NO!".

    I'd love to find a place where I can sell my bags without being fearful of getting ripped off and knowing my bags are going to good homes.
  4. Have a little faith....there are still decent sellers out there, myself included, and alot of girls from here sell their bags on Ebay. So while it seems Ebay is being overrun by the frauds and the phonies, just do your homework, never pay cash, and ask for second opinions. You can get some great finds, you just need to cognizant of the fact that sometimes if it's too good to be true, it probably is. But hang in there, you will come to find that not all hope is lost (alot, just not all). Come to think of it, all these horror stories make me want to start my own bag trading site! Something to think about....
  5. Amen! There are definitely decent people, including me too! But you do have to be careful. Always pay with a credit card, NEVER send a money order or do a Western Union payment. If something goes wrong, even if the seller says they won't accept refunds, you will be covered. Your credit card company can easily override eBay and Paypal.
  6. Nah, I would have never bought Coach on Ebay before but now that I am pretty familiar with the brand and how their bags look I will buy on Ebay. I just bought a carly top handle pouch w/ mini skinny and it's authentic.

    The problem is that many people don't want a bag for 20-40% off, they want 50% or more off retail. Obviously most of the authentic sellers are not going to start the listings off too terribly low. The browsers then don't like the price and go into the counterfeits for a good deal and their judgment is clouded.Or they may just be willing to take their chances if the bag will sell for 40 or $50 dollars.
  7. I would not give up on Ebay, honestly you just have to be a wise consumer. It does not matter if its purchasing something at your local store. Knowledge is power and the more you do your homework the better off you are.
    There are many honest sellers on Ebay. If you find something you like then take the necessary precautions to protect yourself as Lori has stated in the post above. You can have it authenticated here as well in the sub-forum.
    I have seen so many cases of buyers that have not taken the time to educate themselves or are not aware of the resources out there to help them in their purchases and do the impulse buy wind up with a fake handbag then blame it on Ebay. Yes Ebay does have some issues with dishonest sellers but the consumer has to take some responsibility in educating themselves as well.
  8. Look for someone who has a legitamite online store who is subliminting their income by selling items they need to move on ebay.
  9. For example. I do have an online store that I will not mention because of the rules here. I have two choices for out of season merchandise. Put in on sale or go to Ebay. I have never sold on Ebay but I am thinking about it. Someone in this situation would be ideal to buy from.
  10. My theory is still as it always was.......I buy a ton of stuff but when it comes to purses I have a FEW people that I buy from and other than those 10 or so favorite sellers I don't even peruse the catacombs of eBay! It just makes me angry!
  11. All of my experiences on Ebay have been positive. Both Kooba handbags I purchased were authentic and from known sellers.


    I took the time to read the posts here first, research who to buy from and ask the experts here for advice. I also made a trip to Nordstroms to actually SEE Koobas in person, inspecting them carefully. This way I knew what to expect.
  12. don't give up on eBay just yet. You have to know how to buy. make sure that there are lots of authentic pictures of the item. Ask questions. I sell my handbags as well as auction house finds on eBay, and so far so good.
  13. I have been a seller and buyer on ebay for over 7 years. While its been more frustrating over the past few months to sell items, I wont give up on ebay. I enjoy selling and buying. I have a select few sellers that I know I can count on to sell my authentic bags, and I dont venture far from them. I personally think that things will be getting better with ebay once they work the bugs out of their policies. While some things may be frustrating for us as buyers and sellers, I certainly wouldnt want to be working at ebay dealing with the volume of problems they have.
  14. It makes you feel like this from time to time. :cursing:

    Which is why this forum is so good for mutual support when sometimes things go wrong, and for help in authenticating bags. :heart:
  15. I'd hang in there- there are a lot of honest sellers-I've purchased from fellow tpf members and they have purchased from me. As others have said it pays to do your homework, ask the seller questions and check with your fellow tpf members if your unsure.