should we have a thread "post your outfit for today"?

  1. I'm just curious if people would like to have a thread "post your outfit for today" so that we can have ideas on our wardrobe.

    You can post a picture of yourself (with or without your face) or just the outfit you are going to wear ... complete with accessories.

    Would anyone be interested?
  2. ld be great! although my DH might think Im having some sort of fetishist cyber affair with a wardrobe obsessee:biggrin:

    I think it is a great idea! I really do.
  3. Great Idea!
    :heart: Loves it! :heart:
  4. Thats a great idea!!
  5. It'll be like flipping through a magazine!!!
  6. I think its a great idea! It would be fun to see how people mixed and matched things. I'd love to see some business clothes - I get so bored with mine - but am starting to use scarves more and that helps.
  7. I'm down with that. LOL
  8. cool idea!
  9. Great idea! I would love it =)
  10. DO ITTTT. I'd LOVE it. :yahoo:
  11. That sounds like a great idea!
  12. brilliant!!:heart:
  13. ok, I don't have a camera with me, but today I'm wearing Castaner wedges in gold linen, with brown city shorts (knee length) and a brown spotted wrap over tunic with butterfly sleeves.

    I'm at work, but its my shop so I can dress however the hell I please :d

    Although its always smart. :biggrin:
  14. sounds like a fun idea... im in... although i dunno if i can take pix in the morning b4 leaving for work.... may be i'll take pix when i get home from work.
  15. This is a really good idea but it's got to be in the morning - that's the only time when I look vaguely respectable, LOL!

    ParkAvenuePrincess, may I ask are you in London? What type of shop do you have? Your shop must be smart because you say you dress smart. I love to shop in new places but at the same time I'm a bit of a stalker so I want to pop into your shop and spy on the owner, LOL!